Tuesday Fast Five With Galen Gering

What is your least favorite household job? “The trash cans are in an enclosure and I have to drag the big trash cans out to the street and then sometimes I go in there and the trash doesn’t smell good or there are spiders all over the thing. So that’s not great.”

What was your best family vacation? “Aside from one of my kids almost drowning, the Four Seasons in Bora Bora.”

What gets on your nerves? “Everything. Stupidity, hypocrisy. My kids leave stuff everywhere, that gets on my nerves. But I look around and my stuff is everywhere, too.”

What vice would you hate to give up? “The evening, as the sun is going down, glass of wine. I don’t know that that’s a vice, but it’s something that feels great to me and I know I’m not alone in that.”

What gadget could you not live without? “My phone. And I will say that [wife] Jenna surprised me with AirPods Pro and, wow, they’re amazing.”