Tuesday Fast Five With Courtney Hope

What’s your take on clowns? “I am not a fan of clowns. They can be terrifying. I don’t trust them for some reason, probably because of all the demonizing of them in cinema.”

What is your favorite season? “I love fall! The colors, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Family, imagination and warmth!”

Aside from a dog and cat, what animal would you love to have for a pet? “A turtle or a frog. I used to have them as a kid and I miss [having] them around.”

How do you get out of a bad mood? “Turn on some good music, dance around and get moving outside. When all else fails, take a nap!”

What’s the most daredevil thing you’ve done? “Whitewater rafting on level 4 rapids! That was terrifying and an adrenaline rush!”