Tuesday Fast Five With Darnell Kirkwood

Credit: JPI

What musical instrument do you wish you could play?

“The drums. I feel like they are the heart of the band.”

What is your favorite flavor of jam/jelly?

“Raspberry preserves. I still have a PB&J sandwich almost every day.”

What do you always keep in your fridge?

“Orange juice.”

Invisibility, superhuman strength, read minds or the ability to fly: Which superhero power would you choose?

“I would say invisibility, because you can be somewhere without physically being there, if that makes any sense. I can also help a lot of people under the radar.”

What was your most recent dumb purchase?

“These Nike slides. I needed a new pair and saw them on sale at the mall and just picked them up because it was the last pair and last day that I could get 20 percent off. Being the bargain hunter that I am, getting the bargain distracted me from looking at the size. I learned of my negligence as soon as I put them on and my toes were hanging over the front.”