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The Best And Worst On B&B, DAYS, GH And Y&R The Week Of July 1-5

don diamont, heather tom, nancy lee grahn

Howard Wise/; GENERALHOSPITAL/X (formerly Twitter)

Bill (Don Diamont) and Katie’s (Heather Tom) reconnection on B&B and Alexis’s (Nancy Lee Grahn) resurgence on GH were highlights of the week.

The Best

Days Of Our Lives‘s Justin Steps Up

It’s been tough watching gold-digging viper Theresa get the best of Salem’s cops and Kiriakises, so it was a relief when Justin said enough and demanded Alex get a prenup.

Justin: “You owe it to yourself to protect yourself. This must have occurred to you.”

Actually, it hadn’t. But Theresa’s ex Brady had mentioned her “history of chasing men with money” to Alex and it had been haunting him (via flashbacks). Theresa got wind of Justin’s legal demands and feigned innocence re: Alex’s wealth, gushing about how they connected in Greece before she learned he was in line to inherit a fortune (#lies).

Justin and Bonnie rolled their eyes, looking plaintively at Alex to stop her rambling and say he agreed with Justin, but he didn’t. Then, in an echo of the Konstantin/Maggie prenup fiasco, Theresa surprised them.

Theresa: “You want me to sign a prenup? Because I think I should.”

Bonnie (under her breath): “Didn’t see that coming.”

The greedy bride-to-be still has her eye on the Kiriakis prize, but kudos to Alex’s former (and future?) father for stepping in to protect him.

General Hospital‘s Alexis Gets Her Groove Back

We’ll never know how many stories GH lost out on when they demoted Port Charles’s leading lawyer to muckraking tabloid editor, but the legal eagle is finally back. Regaining the ability to practice law gave Alexis license (literally) to advise Kristina on New York’s custody laws, chastise Ava for recording people and lying about it, and challenge Sonny for defending Natalia’s indefensible homophobic comments about Blaze.

Sonny: “She thought it was a private conversation.”

Alexis: “Does privacy justify bigotry?”

Alexis on the warpath is just the shake-up that less-than-honorable characters like Ava and Sonny need.

Welcome back, Ms. Davis. See you in court!

Bold And Beautiful‘s Bill And Katie Reconnect

Katie Logan has long been the victim of love affairs that just… fizzle. Her marriages to Bill Spencer ended with a whimper when he hightailed it back to her sister Brooke. Her engagement to Bill’s son Wyatt was dropped and now seems like some sort of fever dream. Her 2018 marriage to Thorne Forrester disintegrated. Most recently, she’s been dating Carter off-screen.

So how great was it when Bill and Katie shared scenes pegged to Katie’s uneasiness about Bill’s new squeeze, Poppy? Memories of their life together built to an exchange that felt years in the making.

Bill: “You’re the love of my life. You’re my Katie.”

If this Poppy detour leads to Bill and Katie reuniting in time for their son to return as a teenager, mazel tov.

Kyle’s Revenge — Or Is It Victor’s — On Young And Restless

Kyle didn’t react well to being fired from his father’s company — by his mother! — so all bets were off when Victor Newman swooped in to offer Kyle a job. Kyle accepted the co-CEO position at Glissade (a cosmetics company in direct competition with Jabot), vowing to show Jack and Diane what a mistake they made dismissing him.

But don’t dismiss Victor’s part in this: Kyle is a cog in a 30-year wheel of conflict and retribution.

Victor: “Make your point and get out.”

Jack: “You have a vendetta? You come at me. Stay away from my wife and son.”

It remains to be seen what role the Abbott scion will play in this ugly battle between two beauty brands (and two angry moguls), but revenge is clearly a product in development.

The Worst

Shooting The Messenger (Ava) Instead Of The Villain (Natalia) On GH

Newbie Natalia went on a homophobic rant about her daughter Blaze, which Ava secretly recorded, yet the hurt caused by the public airing of said recording was blamed almost entirely on Ava for releasing it — not Natalia for saying such ugly things. Most difficult to understand was Sonny, whose daughter Kristina (who is in a relationship with Blaze) was devastated by Natalia’s hurtful tirade.

Sonny: “She’s not the one who released the tape.”

So what? There would be no tape if Natalia hadn’t trashed the LGBTQ community, and the fact that Sonny would defend Natalia just because he lusts for her diminishes his constant claims that his kids are his first priority.

Kristina called Natalia out on her hateful words, but where are our other Port Charles faves? They can blame Ava for numerous nasty acts — but not this.

Too Many Bored — Or, Board — Meetings On Y&R

The endless Chancellor-Winters machinations, backstabbing and nastiness is getting old. They take a vote, Jill calls in on video, Devon and Billy exchange harsh words, Lily plays referee, Nate lurks by the door, they adjourn without resolving anything, rinse and repeat.

Do they ever get any work done at that company? Move on.