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Telma Hopkins To Y&R

Temla Hopkins will reunite with her FAMILY MATTERS son, Bryton James (Devon), when she makes her Y&R debut on June 1, reports Hopkins will play Denise Tolliver, a private detective who connects with Amanda. The actress, a longtime Y&R fan, was thrilled to be asked to appear. “YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS became one of my favorites just because the stories were so intriguing, and I knew people that worked there — Marguerite Ray [ex-Mamie], Victoria Rowell [ex-Drucilla], Kristoff St. John [ex-Neil],” she tells Digest. “I just got hooked! I mean, I remember when Peter Bergman [Jack] came on. I’ve just watched it for a long time and really enjoyed it and, of course, it became more personal because of people on it that I knew. And when Bryton [James, Devon] came on as a kid, that just really sucked me in even more.” Hopkins was excited to work with James again. “I’ve been his pretend mommy for most of his life!” she marvels. “So I did call Bryton before I said yes, to talk to him about it and ask, you know, if he thought I could handle it without having a nervous breakdown! But after that, I was really excited. It’s a different genre for me, for sure, but I’ve watched the show enough where I felt like I was walking into a family, with people that I know. I know their real names as well as their cast names! I’ve followed them, and I think some of them were surprised by how much I knew about them as people, as opposed to just from watching them on TV for the last 30 years.” For the full story, check out the issue of Digest on sale this Friday.