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Take Five With Linsey Godfrey (Sarah, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)

Linsey Godfrey (Sarah, DAYS) answers Digest’s five burning questions.



What’s one thing you still have from your childhood? “I had a ‘lovey’, since I was seven up until Aleda was born. Then, in the course of her dad [Robert Adamson, ex-Noah, Y&R] and I splitting and moving, it got lost. I recently found one that was exactly like it on eBay. I got it, and I gave it to Aleda. It’s a moose. He’s wearing a black and red checkered hat, and his name is Billy. Now Aleda has it, and she sleeps with it.”

What was the last thing you baked? “Aleda and I don’t do Christmas. We celebrate Yule and winter solstice. But we did cookies for that. We made sugar cookies. They had Krampus on them instead of St. Nicholas. Krampus is the one that comes to punish the bad children.”

What’s something you have to have in your refrigerator at all times? “We are very big on sparkly drinks. We love sparkling water. Trader Joe’s has this sparkling berry lemonade that Aleda loves, and that I also will put in other drinks. I would say that sparkling water is a big one for us, but we call it bubbly water.”

Which old TV show could you watch reruns of over and over? “I like old SNLs [SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE]. I don’t like anything past the ’90s. I like the old ones from the ’70s. And what really makes me so happy is that my best friend, Kimberly Matula [ex-Hope, B&B], is going to play Jane Curtin in the movie SNL 1975.”

Who was your first celebrity crush? “Jim Varney and Jim Carrey. It was a tie between the Jims. I was a little bit of a weirdo. I just thought nothing was better than those two.”