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Summer Lovin' DAYS

Summer camp: Loved it, loathed it or skipped it?

Barash: “I skipped it. I grew up in a divorced family so I would go back and forth to parents’ houses, so if there was a wished-it category, I wish I would have done it.”

Braun: “Loved and loathed. Depended on which camp I was at.”

Konefal: “Loved it. I went every year for six years in a row. It was my favorite part of summer.”

Lake, ocean or pool?

Barash: “Oh, man. I would probably say ocean but I’m older now and more neurotic and it’s a little more terrifying.”

Braun: “I’ll take all three, please.”

Konefal: “Ocean, ocean, ocean!”

Sunscreen: Forgetful or fanatical?

Barash: “Somewhere in the middle?”

Braun: “Oh, fanatical.”

Konefal: “Fanatical! Sunscreen is so important to protect your skin barrier, whether you plan to be outside or not.”

Favorite summer drink:

Barash: “A good Negroni. Sitting outside with a Negroni and a giant ice cube? Yeah.”

Braun: “Some sort of delicious fruit smoothie.”

Konefal: “A mojito.”

Favorite food to toss on the grill:

Barash: “Corn on the cob. Bison burgers….”

Braun: “Portobello mushroom, marinated.”

Konefal: “A burger. Nice and classic.”

Favorite fruit:

Barash: “To me there is nothing better than a really juicy peach or nectarine. I’m all about that stone fruit.”

Braun: “Watermelon. There is nothing better.”

Konefal: “It changes seasonally but for summertime, I love a good mango/pineapple mixture.”

Favorite frozen treat:

Barash: “Favorite treat, favorite food on the planet, ice cream. I challenge you to find me a better food on this planet than ice cream. It doesn’t exist.”

Braun: “A vegan vanilla ice cream sandwich with a vanilla cookie on top.”

Konefal: “Hazelnut/strawberry gelato.”

Favorite summer sport:

Barash: “Basketball. You can play it year-round, but it’s always been basketball.”

Braun: “Is relaxing a sport?”

Konefal: “Swimming, I guess.”

Favorite beach activity:

Barash: “Remembering whether or not I put my sunscreen on.”

Braun: “Not getting sand in my butt.”

Konefal: “Playing with the dogs.”

Road trip role: Driver or passenger?

Barash: “50/50. Enjoy both.”

Braun: “Driver when I’m awake. Passenger when I’m sleeping.”

Konefal: “Usually I’m the driver.”

Top item on my summertime to-do list:

Barash: “Take a trip somewhere. Haven’t done that in awhile. A nice, leisurely trip, maybe to Northern California or Palm Springs.”

Braun: “Clean out the garage.”

Konefal: “Go on drives to the beach, listening to loud music.”