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Summer Fitness - Y&R

Conner Floyd (Chance)

* “Being a former athlete for most of my life, working out and challenging my body has been a big part of my routine for a long time. First, it’s all about what you eat. I wish I was stricter with my diet but I try and do the best I can. I got a gnarly sweet tooth deep down so it’s definitely a battle. My suggestion is to find healthy foods you enjoy eating and stick to that plan! But also you’ve got to throw a cheat day in just to quench that thirst.”

* “Push yourself. Set goals. See what you’re capable of doing. Challenge yourself to do better every day. Whether it’s times, reps, not eating that doughnut, really hold yourself accountable and see what you’re made of. It almost makes getting in the gym exciting when you’re competing with yourself.”

Rory Gibson (Noah)

* “With the nicer weather, try working out as much as you can outside. Soaking up that vitamin D from the sun makes you feel so good. I’ve noticed that it helps improve my mood and I feel like a million bucks afterward. So work out outside as much as you can, whether it’s doing curls in the driveway, yoga in your backyard, swimming in the ocean or taking a hike. It makes a world of difference and helps with my state of mind and even sleeping.”

* “Even if you’re already working out, try new things that requ attention. Learning a new skill set will keep you entertained, active and wanting more. If it’s something that you’ve always been interested in, say for example, surfing, go for it. Doing something that requires extreme attentiveness can be fun and is a lot more engaging than just going to the gym.”

* “Change your attitude about food and be a little more present with your eating. Staying aware and not just passively eating is the most helpful thing you can do when it comes to diet. Look at healthy food as fuel that is going to make you feel and perform better. Find healthy choices that taste good. When I pack my tote for the beach, aside from sunscreen and water, I also bring raw broccoli along with Romesco Dip from Trader Joe’s. It’s extremely flavorful and healthy.”

Courtney Hope (Sally)

* “Dedication over motivation. It’s super-easy to say finding motivation is the answer, but sometimes we just aren’t that motivated all of the time with work, family and other life circumstances. Setting a concrete goal for yourself in fitness and nutrition, and being consistent and dedicated to that goal, overpowers the days when motivation just isn’t cutting it! This has been one of the most important things I’ve learned!”

* “Moderation. I believe this is important in nutrition as well as in fitness. Having a healthy diet that works with your specific health needs is what’s most important, with a few fun food items sprinkled in once or twice a week — or what is most reasonable with your lifestyle — to keep you well-balanced. Same goes for fitness! Mixing it up with different types of workouts, while including rest, stretching, meditation and other positive mental health habits creates a well-rounded healthy lifestyle!”

* “Switch it up with cross-training. As I mentioned before, mixing it up with your workouts is super-important. I love cross-training, which means switching it up with different types of workouts: strength training, cardio, high intensity, low impact, just to name a few! This allows your body the ability to create endurance, as well as strength, and prevents you from plateauing. Our bodies have muscle memory, so the more we can find the things that we like and mix it up on a weekly basis, the better results we get.”

Kelsey Wang (Allie)

* “Stretch! Even when you don’t have time to exercise, you should never discount stretching for a few minutes in the morning and evening. It’s one of the best things you can do for your body because we hold so much tension in our muscles and it’s a way to let it go. It’s like a detox for your mind and body, and it’s so simple and easy to do.”

* “Go on a long walk or hike by yourself. I’m a big proponent that your mental health affects you physically, and from a retreat in a monastery, I learned to walk in silence. When you’re alone, you can hear the birds, feel the breeze, admire the view  and quiet your mind. It’s very healing and promotes good health. You can also try eating in silence, which helps you enjoy the food much more and you tend not to overeat.”

* “It’s important to always eat a balanced meal. I eat lots of fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains, and when I eat carbs or sugar, I make sure to also eat protein to keep my blood sugar from spiking. That way you have sustained energy throughout the day. And of course, moderation is the key, as well.”