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When Linsey Godfrey’s Caroline returned to L.A. on B&B, she and her portrayer did so with a new ’do. “My heritage is Italian, so my hair is naturally dark brown and curly,” explains the actress. “I’ve been blonde for eight years and the soap preferred me as a blonde; they’d never seen me as a brunette. For me, it was just time. My poor hair was having a hard time getting healthy, so I decided to take the plunge. I called my good friend Kate Mansi [ex-Abigail, DAYS] and I asked where she went to get her hair done. She sent me to her hair girl named Mel and she did me so good [laughs]. It’s my most favorite color and cut that I’ve had since I chopped off all my hair and went platinum. This feels good. I can air-dry my hair and I have these ringlets, and I love that. I honestly prefer it dark, probably because that’s what I’m supposed to look like. My dad likes it a lot better. He says I look like a Godfrey again.” She got positive reviews from her co-stars, she reports. “Everybody liked it. Other than a few people on the Internet who’ve been less than kind, I’ve had a really good response.” Godfrey adds that there’s been an unexpected upside. “Every time I change my hair color, I look like a different person, so that’s awesome. I can be incognito at all times — until people get used to it.”


Information Station:

Q: NASHVILLE’s Scarlett [Clare Bowen] wore a very sexy two-piece outfit when she performed in concert with Gunnar. Can you tell me anything about that top? Thanks. L.L., Jacksonville, FL

A: Scarlett wore an anthracite lace bustier top with a tulle skirt for that performance on the June 12 episode. The top is by I.D. Sarrieri, and it is available at Neiman Marcus for $166.


Q:  GH’s Nina wore a black/gray/silver abstract skirt in late May that was to die for! Is it still available?
Pamela D., via email

A: Nina’s skirt is the Metallic Jacquard Pencil Skirt by Calvin Klein. We found it in limited sizes on the Calvin Klein website, and in a few additional sizes at Good luck!