Spotlight On Krystal Mosley

Soap Opera Digest: You play Phyllis’s do-a-little-of-everything assistant at the Grand Phoenix and we have gotten so much mail about you! How long have you been at Y&R?

Krystal Mosley: I actually started when the Grand Phoenix opened in July 2019. It was before the green dress, when the hotel first opened. I was wearing a white collar shirt with black pants. That was only for a short time before the beautiful costumes were brought to the set. I’ve been appearing consistently since the pandemic.

Digest: How do you like working there?

Mosley: Oh, my goodness, it’s been fantastic. They’re such a family, so warm and sweet. I’ve complimented them so many times. They’re truly the best. I’m grateful for just the experience and to be amongst these people who really care about the show.

Digest: You and your character have the same name, but spelled differently.

Mosley: My character’s name is spelled with a “C”. Now I have a name tag that says Crystal, so it’s official.

Digest: Are you getting any lines?

Mosley: There have been a few occasions when my character will say something, but I do have some lines coming up that I’m excited about.

Digest: Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) is your TV boss. How do you like working with her?

Mosley: Oh, my goodness, she’s amazing — and very funny, by the way. She and her character are so different, like night and day. And Phyllis is a great boss.

Digest: You have to be standing at least six feet from each other on set because of Covid guidelines. Do you ever get the chance to really chat?

Mosley: Oh, yeah, we speak on the fives. We’ll check in with each other, like, “Hey, how are you?” She’s really nice. She has a family and I’m married, so we’ll start with, “How’s it going?”

Digest: How long have you been married?

Mosley: I just got married November of last year, during quarantine. We still had a lovely ceremony. My husband’s name is Krasimir.

Digest: What’s your workday at Y&R like?

Mosley: It’s usually early in the morning and we get through the scenes very quickly. I can count on one hand when I’ve been here past 11 a.m. I’m only on the Grand Phoenix set, so it depends on what’s happening at the hotel.

Digest: Do you handle any props?

Mosley: I’m usually rearranging flowers or moving flower pots. I’m also handling the phones and the computer and serving drinks. I’m not too thrilled when I have to carry a tray of martinis, so it’s definitely an exercise in concentration. I’ve never done waitressing, so it’s a challenge. And sometimes, I’m carrying a nice little iPad.

Digest: The green dress you wear on set is actually your character’s uniform, which has gotten noticed by the audience. We’ve even received inquiries wondering why you’re always wearing the same outfit.

Mosley: Oh, and that I hang out at the hotel all of the time in that dress and never go home [laughs]? That’s funny. For a work dress, it’s pretty amazing.

Digest: Of course we have to ask, are you related to Karla Mosley (ex-Amanda; ex-Maya, B&B)?

Mosley: On my very first day on set, one of the stage managers said to me, “You know, there’s an actress over at B&B named Karla Mosley.” I finally met her when she came over to play Amanda. She’s so sweet. The very first thing she asked was, “Hey, your last name is Mosley? Where’s your family from?” We can’t say for sure that we’re positively not related. I asked my mom if we had any family in Ohio and she said, “Possibly. Your dad’s grandfather has family out that way.” So, I think that’s something worth checking out. I would love to have her for a distant cousin. She’s so gorgeous and talented.

Digest: Where did you call home while growing up?

Mosley: I’m originally from Chicago, and lived there until right after college. I went to Columbia College Chicago and then I got a full scholarship to study acting at the University of Illinois in Chicago, where I graduated. We were the first BFA graduating class and there were only 10 of us. In my class was Lucas Neff, who was in RAISING HOPE. My mom wouldn’t let me leave the state until I graduated. Right after that happened, I told my family, “Guys, I have to go because I have dreams,” so I moved immediately to L.A. I had never been there before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I sublet an apartment in West Hollywood and I’ve been here for about eight years now. I did think about moving to New York because I had lots of theater experience but I ultimately thought L.A. was the happy medium. There’s theater, movies and TV here. I love being on a soap because it reminds me of theater. The acting is elevated and so emotional.

Digest: Do you have any projects coming up outside of your soap job?

Mosley: Yes, I actually had to leave Y&R for a couple of weeks last month because I booked a movie [for now titled The Neon Highway] that was filming in Georgia. So, I put in my notice with Phyllis and she gave her approval [laughs] and allowed me to go.

Digest: What can you tell us about this movie?

Mosley: I don’t know when it will come out but Beau Bridges is in it, as well as a lot of country music stars. I’m really excited about it.

Digest: If Y&R wanted to expand your role, would you be interested in becoming a bigger part of the show?

Mosley: Absolutely! No question. I love it here.