Soaps' Sexiest Men 2020 - Thorsten Kaye

Are you comfortable being considered a sex symbol?

“I’ve got to let that sit for a minute. I’ve never been called that so yes, I am very comfortable with not being called that.”

Other than Ridge, what would you say is the sexiest daytime role you’ve played?

“Well, if you like lots of hair and poetry, there’s ONE LIFE [TO LIVE’s Patrick] and if you like vampires, there’s [PORT CHARLES’s Ian], so you can choose.”

What is the sexiest thing about your wife, Susan Haskell (ex-Marty, OLTL et al)?

“I like it when she takes control, and I don’t mean that in a weird way. I mean when she takes control with the kids because sadly, I can’t be there all the time because they’re back east and I’m working in L.A. But I’m not worried about not being there all the time where the kids are concerned because of her. They have somebody who can take care of all of it. That’s sexy.”

What would Susan say is the sexiest thing about you?

“Probably when I’m in L.A.: ‘The sexiest thing about Thorsten is that he leaves to go work somewhere else.’ ”

What’s the sexiest thing a woman can wear?

“Cowboy boots, jeans and a flannel shirt.”

Who is your pick for the sexiest celebrity?

“Helen Mirren. She’s lovely.” What’s your idea of a romantic evening? “Two bottles of anything and a candle.”

What music do you find sexy?

“I always thought there was something really cool about Dire Straits. Mark Knopfler can tell a story with just his guitar and I like that.”

Finish this sentence: My heart races when…

“I’m watching Don Diamont have love scenes. That’s an easy one.”
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