Scott Clifton Shares His Fitness Tips

How would you describe your fitness regimen? “My entire life, I have struggled with weight and being in shape. I’ve never been that guy who loves to go to the gym and loves to eat healthy. I have a sweet tooth. I love snacks. I could probably eat McDonald’s every day for the rest of my life. For my entire life, either I’m eating like crap and not working out, which I call ‘f–k it mode’, or I suddenly get notification that I’ll be walking around shirtless at the cliff house and it’s full-on, five-alarm fire panic mode. Then, I go to the gym six-to-seven times a week. I’m running, I’m eating next to nothing, like straight chicken breasts, and I become grumpy and stupid, because if you don’t have nutrition to fuel your brain, you can’t think straight.”

Is that still the case? “Something clicked in me last year where I felt like I was getting older and I can’t sustain that lifestyle anymore, and a switch flipped in my brain and I just started thinking differently about my health and my diet. With one couple-month exception during the pandemic, when I knew I was going to be stuck in my house for months and wasn’t going to be seeing anybody, I’ve maintained a pretty healthy diet.”

What’s been your workout routine? “I exercise two to three times a week, mostly three times a week — with actual equipment. I’m curling 50-pound dumbbells and three months ago, I’d be exhausted after 10 reps of 20-pound dumbbells. So, you do feel stronger and better.”

Any workout advice to offer? “I totally believe in trainers, especially if you’re just starting out or getting back into it. My best friend is a trainer. He has texted me a workout that I had to do on my own. He has trained me via FaceTime. Trainers are hugely valuable. They keep you motivated and put pressure on you to finish and do things that you wouldn’t do on your own. If you hate your trainer, you have a great trainer. If you love your trainer, you might want to find another one.”

Scott’s Top Three Tips

• Try a meal delivery service. “You get prepared meals at your doorstep. Some are designed for Keto, others are vegetarian diets or Paleo diets or Atkins diets. They’re not cheap, but for me, not having to think is the biggest thing.”

• “Doing some kind of cardio every day is something that is hard for me to do as a habit, but when I do it, it’s really helpful. Create good habits.”

• Make healthy substitutions when eating out: “Instead of mashed potatoes, ask for asparagus with your steak.”