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Scene And Heard: Arianne Zucker (Nicole, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)

Arianne Zucker


There’s no bigger fan of DAYS OF OUR LIVES’s Ashley Puzemis (Holly) than her on-screen mom. “Is she not adorable?” enthuses Arianne Zucker (Nicole). “She’s so cute, she’s so sweet and she’s such a great little actress. And she reminds me of Izzy,” Zucker’s daughter with Kyle Lowder (ex-Rex). “She completely reminds me of my own daughter.”

So much so, Zucker reveals, that she often apologizes to Puzemis “when I’m super-snuggly with her. I’m like, ‘I hope that’s okay, because you are literally my kid!’ That says a lot, because Izzy, my own daughter, is so sweet, kind and loving. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. And Ashley is the same way. I just adore her. She’s super-special.” Like her real-life child, Zucker declares that Puzemis “is a loving person. Her energy is very caring and sweet.”

But that’s not where the similarities end. “Her mannerisms remind me of Izzy, too,” marvels Zucker. “Her eyebrows remind me of Izzy’s, and so do her eyelashes. It’s just really cool. I love it.”

Puzemis has also impressed Zucker with her talent and professionalism. “Ashley works really hard, and when she comes on set, she’s super-professional. I can tell who she is [inside] because we’re working together on such an intimate level as mother and daughter. She emotes love. When I give her something, she takes it. And she gives me back what I give her. It’s very seamless working with her. I’m so happy!”

Ashley Puzemis, Arianne Zuker


Familiar Territory: Playing mom to Ashley Puzemis (Holly) comes easily for Arianne Zucker (Nicole).