Remembering Kyle’s Comings And Goings From Y&R

2001-2004: Kyle was born in January 2001; the following month, mom Diane took her tot and relocated to Italy. Diane and Kyle moved back to Genoa City in November and lived there until October 2004, when they departed for Chicago.

2010-2012: In February 2010, Kyle visited his dad, Jack. In March, Kyle returned to Toronto, where he and Diane were now living. In October, Diane and Kyle moved back to G.C., but in July 2011, his mom sent him off to a Swiss boarding school. After Diane died in August, Kyle moved in with his father. Then, in January 2012, Kyle was enrolled in a private school in Lake Placid, NY.

2012-14: In April, Kyle returned to G.C. all grown up and in possession of an MBA from Harvard. He and Summer got together, but when they came to believe they were half siblings, they split. Kyle struggled with the forced shift in his relationship with Summer from romantic to platonic and disappeared from the screen without an on-air explanation in January 2014, but that New Year’s Eve, Abby received a call from Kyle, who was in Italy on Jabot business.

2015: Summer (who was proven to not be biologically related to Kyle thanks to another DNA test) was stunned when Kyle returned to town in February. They became lovers, but he grew weary of their families clash- ing and decided to move to New York in November.

2016: Kyle showed up the following April, ready to pick up with Summer, but she had moved on with Luca, so Kyle headed back to Manhattan that same day to lick his wounds. Kyle returned in March 2018; the following year he married Summer, then Lola, and split from Lola in 2020 to reunite with Summer.