Remembering Chloe’s Comings And Goings From DAYS

1999-2003: After an eventful first few years in Salem, which included reuniting with her birth parents, finding herself torn between Philip and Brady, and battling leukemia, Chloe made the decision in June 2003 to leave town in pursuit of her singing aspirations.

2003-04: Victor summoned Chloe back to Salem in December, but she departed early in January when she got a professional opportunity that was too good to pass up.

2004-05: That August, Chloe’s face was disfigured in an accident in Austria, and she returned to Salem to undergo reconstructive surgery. She and Brady reunited, tied the knot and went off on their honeymoon in September 2005.

2007-11: Chloe, now split from Brady, next landed in Salem over two years later, when she came home for her high school reunion. She wed Lucas in 2009, but her feelings for Daniel ended the union. The following year, she wed Daniel and gave birth to son Parker, but when it was revealed that Philip was the boy’s father, Daniel left Chloe. She fell into prostitution and was rendered comatose by hooker-assaulting Gus. She recovered and decided to relocate to Chicago in September 2011.

2013: Chloe made her way back in January and revealed to Daniel that he was Parker’s biological father. This was true, but when her scheme to break up Daniel and Jennifer was exposed, she decided to seek psychological help at a facility away from Salem and left in April. (Daniel brought Parker to visit her in Chicago that September.)

2015: Chloe made an August visit to voice her objection to Nicole and Daniel’s engagement, but made her peace with the union and quickly exited again.

2016-19: Daniel’s death brought Chloe back to Salem in January 2016. By year’s end, she had given birth to Holly, the biological daughter of Nicole and Daniel, and ultimately surrendered custody of the baby to Nic, but when Nicole was presumed dead in 2018, Chloe and Eric battled for custody of the little girl. After a short-lived relationship with Stefan, she departed Salem again in August 2019 to put down roots in New York, where she’d been invited to audition for an opera company. In December 2020, a job offer from Nicole lured Chloe back to Salem.