Quick Take With Thorsten Kaye

How would you say Ridge is dealing with learning that Brooke kissed Deacon? “It would be so much easier to explain that Ridge is a psychopath. Deacon wants to be a part of Brooke’s life. That’s what Ridge warned her about but she didn’t listen. She thought she could handle it and everything would be fine, and obviously it is not. It’s anything but fine.”

What bothers Ridge the most about this Deacon dilemma? “Deacon dilemma. I like that [laughs]. Brooke always thought that everything could be okay but when a woman gets together with a man, especially a man she has been with before, whatever insecure part in your heart is always going to think, ‘Damn, it was always him. It was always this guy and all he had to do was come back to be with her. That’s all he had to do.’ Despite their long and involved history, there is insecurity.”

Tell us about taping those fight scenes with Sean Kanan (Deacon). “He’s a karate kid [Kanan played Mike Barnes in The Karate Kid Part III]. But what’s really important is, fight scenes have to be character-driven in some way. You can’t just throw punches for the hell of it, and after I heard Sean was a martial arts expert, I was thinking, ‘How is this going to go?’ I think my most epic on-screen fight, I believe, was with Cameron [Mathison, Drew, GH, who played ALL MY CHILDREN’s Ryan opposite Kaye as Zach], who is Canadian, so I was already in step with that. On this show, I should probably get my ass kicked in every fight.”

What are your thoughts about a possible Ridge/Taylor reunion, which their kids are pushing for? “These are grown people with their own lives and they want to get mommy and daddy to get back together? I guess they miss daddy tucking them in at night? I’m joking, of course. It’s actually been fun to play this new aspect of the story — and Ridge and Taylor have great kids.”

How is working with Krista Allen as the new Taylor? “She definitely brings a new dynamic to the role. We’ve had some really fun scenes.”

Considering Ridge and Taylor shared a kiss, is there hope for a “Bridge” reconciliation? “What can I say? It’s complicated. When it comes to Taylor and Brooke, anyone you’ve had kids with and spent time with and have loved at one point, that door is never closed completely. We’ll have to see what happens.”