Quick Take With Sal Stowers

What was your reaction when you heard they were casting Lani’s biological father? “I have such a special relationship with James Reynolds [Abe] that that was a really hard thing for me. Lani was brought to Salem to find her father. I was brought on for James Reynolds, to elevate his storyline and character. Over the six-and-a-half years that I’ve been on DAYS, I’ve developed this beautiful father/daughter connection with him. Hearing that Abe wasn’t Lani’s biological father was heartbreaking for me and made me really sad, because I love Jim so much. But, obviously, my job as an artist is to tell the story that the writers have given me, do it to my best ability, and love all of Lani’s journey. I was excited to see where they were going to go with it all, who was going to be cast to play my father, what the dynamic would be like with him, and what it would do to Lani and Abe’s relationship.”

What’s it been like getting to know William Christian (TR)? “Bill is so wonderful. He is such a light, so kind and sweet. He really stepped into this role. He was so courageous and brave. He’s had a lot of work, a lot to do. We move really fast, and he just jumped in. He’s been giving it his all and is great to play alongside. We both challenge each other. Lani is strong and powerful. She’s not going to back down. And he goes right back at me. In the beginning I was pushing the limits, and he let me. He took it. I loved that. It showed a father and daughter trying to find their way to each other.”

Did the dynamic between you and Bill have to build or was it instantly there? “It was a build, and I say that with all respect for Bill. Because of my connection with James Reynolds, Sal as the artist was like, ‘Abe is Lani’s father.’ I was fighting against the material. Once I was finally like, ‘Okay, let me really dissect this story and understand what the writers have given me,’ it made me open up. I [was ready to] tell this story with my full heart and passion, and really experience what Lani is going through.”

Did you discuss this with Jim? “We did talk about it, briefly. We were both sad about it, but we knew it was great story. And we also knew that Abe was always going to be Lani’s father. That’s just the way it is. At the end of the day we had to realize that we are the artists telling the story, and the writers were giving us a great story to tell. So let’s tell it. It’s been incredible and, hands down, my best and favorite storyline since being on the show.”

Have you welcomed the emotional parts of this story turn? “The writers and producers know that I have a really big emotional life, and that it comes easily for me. Is it something I always enjoy playing? No. No one likes crying all the time. It’s draining. There were times where I would cry literally every day on set. I’d come home and my head was pounding and my eyes hurt. I’m an artist who gives everything. If I’m going to cry, I’m going to cry. I’m going to do the ugly cry. It’s not going to be pretty. I’m a very vulnerable person. Every actor has something about them. This is my thing, my little treasure piece. I know I can shine in the stories that have more depth to them.”