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Quick Take With Josh Kelly

It feels like a bit of a transitional time for Cody, since Britt has just left the canvas. Did you enjoy working with her portrayer, Kelly Thiebaud? “Oh, yeah. She’s a she’s just a fantastic scene partner, a really, really great actress. If you don’t have a good scene partner, you’re kind of acting into a void. You can still craft a decent performance, but it is so much better when you have someone really good to work with, and she is really exceptional. Kelly brought different things to our scenes and played them in a way I wouldn’t necessarily have expected.”

A moot point now, perhaps, but do you think his feelings for Britt were sincere? “Yeah. I think he really feels bad about everything and wanted a second shot with her. Maybe if she’d told him about her Huntington’s, they would have given each other a second shot, but she didn’t.”

On another front, he’s still sitting on the secret that Mac is his father. Tell me about working with John J. York (Mac). “Oh, I love it. I love working with him. He’s a really a positive guy. We both respect the difficulty of the genre and respect the craft of it. We were hiking the other day because we live pretty close and it was really good. I could see him being my dad! I got really excited when I found out that Mac Scorpio was going to be my dad because when I used to watch the show with my sister when we were younger, I always thought he looked cool. I sent her a picture of him like, ‘Guess who is going to be Cody’s dad?!’ and she was like, ‘Oh, cool! Mac Scorpio!’ ”

For the moment, it appears that Sam has tabled her investigation into Cody’s juvenile arrest record. How concerned do you think Cody is that she might do more digging on that front? “He’s pretty concerned. Dante doesn’t seem to be as concerned and Dante has kind of put some of his fears at rest, but yeah, it’s something he doesn’t want Sam to be snooping into.”

At ONE LIFE TO LIVE, you briefly intersected with Roger Howarth when he was playing Todd and you were playing Cutter. Have you enjoyed getting to work with him as Austin on GH? “Yeah! I mean, it’s a little intimidating because he’s my friend’s favorite soap actor. But Roger always really calms the set because he’s kind of chill, but he is outstanding to work with. He brings a really calm energy to every scene.”

Cody has flirted with the idea of leaving Port Charles, but it seems like he is putting down roots there. Why do you think he feels a pull to stay, despite not coming clean with Mac? “I think he’s always felt like he didn’t belong anywhere, but if he belongs anywhere, it’s in Port Charles. He’s got Dante and Mac and Mac’s whole family — even Maxie, even though they’re not technically related. Kirsten [Storms, Maxie] and I have a really fun time together; it seems like we have kind of a brother/sister friendship because we’re always giggling when we have scenes and we have to be like, ‘Okay, stop, stop.’ But he really does like Mac’s family and wants to stay friends with Mac even though he lied about the paternity test.”