Quick Take With Camryn Grimes

How are you liking this story? “I love it. It’s always flattering to me to be given a story, and especially one that is big and really important and changes the landscape in some way, like bringing on a new life and new character. As an actor, you can go, ‘Oh, cool, that’s something I had to do with,’ and that’s a great feeling.’ ”

Some fans aren’t liking the story as much. “I know there are some people who aren’t too happy with it, and although I can completely understand where they’re coming from, I never felt that way. I just thought what an amazing opportunity it was to tell the story of surrogacy and make other women less scared of the idea and show a real, beautiful journey of how there are lots of ways to bring a life into the world. It’s my first time being fake pregnant and that’s a huge honor.”

It’s not time for you to wear the pregnancy pads, but have you tried them on yet? “I have and I liked it a little too much. I very much want to have kids and it’s hard because a few of my friends are pregnant right now and others are talking about getting pregnant. Since we’re in a pandemic, there’s more time to think about it. I realize that I’m in my 30s and entering this new chapter now where people my age are getting married and having kids, which means taking on new titles. It’s cool that I’ll be fake pregnant and it’s an opportunity to see what I look like in maternity clothes.”

So you’re looking forward to the baby-bump wardrobe? “Are you kidding me? Yes! I’ll probably box them up and bring them home for when I do really get pregnant. The wardrobe department will be like, ‘Where did all the maternity clothes go?’ and I’ll say, ‘What? I don’t know.’ ”

It’s nice to see Tessa really having a stake in this story. “Tessa would have to be involved. I would’ve put my foot down if she wasn’t.”

Mariah and Tessa have moved into the Chancellor mansion and you are moving into a new place, as well, with your boy- friend. Are you getting nervous about the parallels? “Of course. Melissa [Ordway, Abby] is asking me, ‘Are you going to get pregnant?’ I told her, ‘No! No getting pregnant or getting married during a pandemic. A move is enough.’ From our perspective, we’re always commenting that the writers have planted bugs in our houses because it really is funny that sometimes life can imitate art and I’ve experienced that more than once.”

Abby and Mariah didn’t really like each other, but now they’re besties. “It’s been nice watching their emerging friendship, especially the way they started makes it pretty funny. It’s serendipitous that it’s happened this way but it did. This is an experience that should bring them closer together as friends and I’m looking forward to that. Plus, I adore Melissa and love working with her.”

Well, everybody living in the mansion seem to be getting along, but don’t you think that could all go south if someone eats someone else’s yogurt? “I think the Chancellor mansion is well stocked, so I doubt that will be a concern — but you

never know.”