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Personal Preferences Y&R's Mark Grossman and Kate Linder

Y&R’s Mark Grossman and Kate Linder share their personal preferences

Mark Grossman (Adam)

Driver Or Passenger? “Driver for sure. Let’s go fast!”

Window Or Aisle Seat? “Gotta have that window view!”

Plan It Out Or Wing It? “Healthy balance of both. I like a good planned-out event, but every so often just winging it is fun.”

What’s Better: Breakfast Or Dinner? “Dinner.”

Bath Or Shower? “Shower.”

Tap Water Or Bottled Water? “How about a bottle of sparkling?”

Cats Or Dogs? “Dogs. Love my pup, Oakley.”

Netflix Or Hulu? “Netflix had my heart first.”

Sitcom Or Drama? “Drama followed up by a sitcom to lighten the mood.”

Barbie or Oppenheimer?Oppenheimer.”

Tom Cruise or Harrison Ford? “Cruise! Come on, he’s Maverick!”

Jimmy Kimmel Or Jimmy Fallon? “I think Fallon is funnier and I love all his [SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE] days.”

Baseball Or Basketball? “Love playing both but I’d rather watch basketball.”

Save Or Splurge? “Save! Save! Save!”

Early Bird Or Night Owl? “Early bird.”

Shop Online Or Shop In Stores? “Online. Amazon is sure convenient.”

New Or Vintage? “Vintage for sure.”

Vacation Or Staycation? “Vacation. There are so many places I have yet to see.”

Salty Or Sweet? “Salty, then sweet.”

Burger Or Taco? “Burgers, baby!”

Cake Or Ice Cream? “Cake!”

Ketchup Or Mustard? “Honey mustard and ranch!”

Mild Or Spicy? “Spicy.”

Music Or Podcast? “Music for sure but I do enjoy listening to a good podcast.”

Kate Linder (Esther)

Driver Or Passenger? “Passenger. That way I can work on any finishing touches to my makeup before I arrive at my destination.”

Window Or Aisle Seat? “Aisle seat. I don’t want to crawl over everyone in order to get out.”

Plan It Out Or Wing It? “A little of both. I know I should plan things ahead of time but often I run out of time and have to wing it.”

What’s Better: Breakfast Or Dinner? “Even though I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day,
 I would rather have a nice, leisurely

Bath Or Shower? “Showers are quicker.”

Tap Water Or Bottled Water? “Bottled water tastes better and is easier to take with me.”

Cats Or Dogs? “Dogs. Even though I grew up having cats, I love dogs. They are always so excited to see you.”

Netflix Or Hulu? “They both have terrific programs.”

Sitcom Or Drama? “Sitcom. I love watching and playing comedic roles. It’s more difficult to play comedy but extremely rewarding.”

Barbie Or Oppenheimer? “I haven’t seen either yet, but I plan to.”

Tom Cruise Or Harrison Ford? “Harrison Ford gets better with age and I have enjoyed all of his films.”

Jimmy Kimmel Or Jimmy Fallon? “Jimmy Kimmel. I actually had a role on his show years ago.”

Baseball Or Basketball? “Baseball. I’ve been a Dodger fan for years. My parents had season tickets and I had the good fortune of playing in several celebrity baseball games at Dodger Stadium.”

Save Or Splurge? “I’ve always been a saver and rarely splurge on myself. I will splurge on others, however.”

Early Bird Or Night Owl? “Night owl. I always end up staying up late even when I have to get up early.”

Shop Online Or Shop In Stores? “I would much rather shop in stores. I like to see what I’m purchasing and make sure that everything works with it.”

New Or Vintage? “I’ve always liked everything to be new. Although I can appreciate antiques I would rather surround myself with new and shiny items.”

Vacation Or Staycation? “Though I haven’t been on a vacation in a very long time, I would definitely welcome entertaining that idea.”

Salty Or Sweet? “Salty/sweet is the best combination.”

Burger Or Taco? “You can’t go wrong with a great burger. I could actually go for one right now.”

Cake Or Ice Cream? “I’ve always loved ice cream. I especially love mint chocolate chip and chocolate chip.”

Ketchup Or Mustard? “Ketchup works for me. I can also mix it with mayonnaise and make Thousand Island dressing.”

Mild Or Spicy? “I love spicy food. It’s good for you, as well.”

Music Or Podcast? “Music is always good. It can make you feel better if you’re having a bad day.”