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PASSIONS Recaps Week of Sept. 26, 2005

Friday, September 30, 2005
Rebecca informed Julian that as part of their agreement to have Rebecca prevent Eve from going to prison, Julian had consented %mdash; in writing %mdash; to stay married to Rebecca forever. Julian threatened to simply break their agreement. In turn, Rebecca threatened to recant her testimony and send Eve to prison after all. Whitney recapped Theresa’s troubles to Eve.

Over Martin and Katherine’s objections, Theresa continued with her wedding to Alistair. Father Lonigan arrived to officiate, but when Father Lonigan learned that Alistair would be marrying Theresa and not renewing his vows to Katherine, he refused to officiate the ceremony. Father Lonigan declared that any marriage between Alistair and Theresa would be blasphemous. Alistair threatened the blind priest, who refused to be intimidated. Alistair dismissed Father Lonigan in disgust, and called the courthouse to summon one of the judges on his payroll to come officiate the wedding. While everyone was waiting for the wedding to resume various subplots unfolded at the Seascape: Noah and Fancy stole some private moments together, where they kissed and danced. Fancy was upset at Noah’s intention to out themselves as a couple at the wedding. Sam and Martin shared a drink and bonded over their problems %mdash; and their shared dislike of Alistair. Ethan pulled Theresa aside and tried to talk some sense into her. He declared that Alistair doesn’t have the power to make Ethan choose which woman he will be with. Theresa insisted that Ethan has left her no choice, and that she won’t stop until the two of them, Little Ethan and Jane all become a family. Ivy pulled Kay aside and demanded that she break up with Fox because she wasn’t good enough for her son. Kay reminded Ivy that she knows that Ivy hired David Hastings to come to town and break up Sam and Grace’s marriage, and told Ivy they were locked in an impasse. Observing this argument, Valerie later conspired with Ivy. The two formed a secret pact to bring down Kay. Once the judge arrived, Alistair declared the ceremony would resume, but everyone objected and said they would not stick around for it. Alistair reminded everyone that he has gifts for those who stay, as well as news that everyone will want to hear.

Spike reprimanded Jessica for not having the smarts to figure out that her last john was an undercover cop. He threatened to leave her if she got arrested again, and insisted that she must now work overtime on the streets to pay him back for her bail money. Jessica reluctantly accepted the proposition of a new john. When she got back to his sleazy motel room, Jessica stalled him by going to the bathroom, where she took drugs. Jessica then stumbled out of the bathroom and nearly passed out. The john became angry and insisted he was going to get what he paid for. The john forced himself on her and she passed out completely. Enraged, the john slapped her around and said she’d better give him what he wanted, or else. Later on at the wharf, Simone got a frantic call on her cell from Jessica, who asked her to come help her because she just came to and her john was dead.

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