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OLTL Recaps Week of Sept. 26, 2005

Friday, September 30, 2005
Hugh and John both agreed that they’d just let Rex and Duke go without filing charges, but first they wanted to sweat Rex a little bit by holding him for a while. When Rex asked Adriana, “Who’s the one guy in the room you can’t stop thinking about?”, Duke got up to attack Rex again. A cop restrained him. Hugh told Duke he could leave, but kept Rex behind. Marcie came to the station and asked Rex why he was there. Rex told the story of how Adriana called out his name as they were about to have sex. Once Hugh told Rex he could leave, Adriana walked up to him and told him to leave her alone.

John and Evangeline came in and approached Natalie as she was looking at the sketch. Nat asked them where they got the sketch and why they were keeping it from her. John passed the buck to Evangeline saying she should answer Natalie. Evangeline squirmed, but said that Cristian gave the sketch to her a long time ago and that she recently dug it out of her closet and gave it to John as part of his investigation on John Doe. Natalie accused Evangeline of bringing the sketch to John in an attempt to break up him and Natalie. Evangeline said she wouldn’t dignify that with a response. John defended Vangie a bit and Natalie walked out. Then Evangeline told John that she wasn’t altogether pleased with how he shirked responsibility for explaining what happened, and she walked out, too.

Carlo continued to toy with Cristian, taunting him about redheads and trying to get him to admit that he is in fact Cristian Vega. Cristian told Carlo he doesn’t want anything from him. “But aren’t you the least bit curious about my interest in you?” Carlo asked. Cristian reached through his cell bars and grabbed Carlo by the neck. When Carlo said, “There is a job you must do,” Cristian suddenly let him go and bent over for a moment. Cristian had a flashback to his being held on the boat, and a voice uttered the same phrase, “There is a job you must do.” He shot a glance at Carlo.

Tess came back home to Nash and told him she was tired of running and hiding. “The easy way out isn’t easy any more,” she told him. They hugged. Tess told Nash she loved him. Nash asked why she’s been lying about Jessica being her dead sister. “Jessica is a part of my past,” Tess explained. “She’s who I was. She’s how people knew me.” Tess told Nash that he could help her kill the Jessica from her past and keep away the people who are trying to bring her back. Nash agreed to help. When alone, Jessica talked to Tess and told her that she doesn’t have the flu — but is pregnant.

Paige and Nora found Bo at the hospital. Paige kept telling Nora that she needed to relax because she didn’t look too well, but it just made Nora more angry. Paige told Nora that she would never try to replace her in Matthew’s life and then walked away. When Nora asked Bo what she sees in Paige, he said, “Everything that you’re not.” They started arguing about how Bo embarrassed Nora by arresting Daniel in public. Nora completely lost it. She had a hard time catching her breath, got all pasty and clammy and started snapping at nurses for no reason. “The only thing I care about is my son, and you’re taking him away from me,” she said hysterically. “You’re gonna replace me in his heart.” Bo took a cheap shot by mentioning how Nora is angry about Paige living with him even though he had no problem when Daniel moved in with Nora. “And we all know how that happy little family worked out,” he said. Nora called him a S.O.B. Bo told Nora how Matthew asked him when he and Paige would give him a little brother. Nora started screeching incoherently and then collapsed.

Blair told Todd that he looked petrified as he looked at Bo’s friend. Todd said he was just flabbergasted by the man’s terrible sense of fashion. Blair didn’t buy it. Todd kissed his wife and told her he loved her, and Blair seemed to forget what they were just talking about. Meanwhile, we saw a person’s dead hand breaking the surface of the lake.

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