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OLTL Recaps Week of May 23, 2005

Friday, May 27, 2005
Spencer told Todd and Blair that Jack’s tracheotomy went well. A suspicious Todd peppered the doctor with personal questions. Spencer offered that he might be in town for an extended stay. Blair got pissed at Todd and scolded him: “The man saved your son’s life and you’re giving him the third degree.” Then Todd got a call from his reporters explaining how Daniel was arrested before being sworn in. He told Blair he’s going to run with the story in his newspaper, and Blair pleaded with him to not humiliate Nora.

Spencer ran into Paige in the hall of the hospital and the two made vague references to a history together. Paige was far less happy to see Spencer than he was to see her. Later, Todd hinted to Paige that he picked up on there being a connection between she and Spencer.

Nora talked with Daniel in Bo’s office. After a tense exchange of steely glances, Daniel delivered a string of whoppers in his defense: “I didn’t kill Jen, I didn’t kill Paul. I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t’ do that to anybody. I know you know that’s true, deep inside. Believe in me, Nora. Believe in yourself. Believe the love we have for each other.” Nora asked Daniel if he’s been sleeping with Mark. Daniel dismissed the accusation, saying Mark is just an obsessed kid who wanted a job from him. But Nora finally seemed to wise up and called him on his lies. Danny continued to profess his love to his wife and tried to embrace her, but finally showing some emotion, Nora pulled a scissors on him and warned, “Don’t you DARE try to touch me!” She flipped out and screamed at Daniel, demanding that he just say that he never really loved her. She told him there’s no way to explain why Mark would make up an affair. Daniel then equated his being gay to his alcoholism, but Nora wouldn’t have it. She went absolutely ballistic on him, and Daniel seemed legitimately scared as she screeched and waved the scissors in his face.

At the deserted swearing-in ceremony site, Riley, Lindsay and Rex argued over Daniel’s arrest. Then Riley flipped out and trashed the place, tossing chairs and throwing flowerpots before collapsing in tears. Marcie tried to comfort him. Riley told her he felt betrayed by his father. “I hate him. I hate who, or what, he is. I don’t even know what that is. I don’t even know what I am any more.” He cried that he let his father make him believe that Jen killed Paul Cramer and said he hates himself. The dude took it all really hard and seemed on the brink of a breakdown. (Can anyone say “relapse?”)

Michael went to the police station to see John, but Natalie stopped him, saying he was busy. The two started up their flirty love/hate dance when Marcie came in and spied them acting very familiar with one another, but she didn’t make a big deal out of it.

Evangeline learned the news about Daniel’s arrest and rushed to the police station to talk to Nora. She dropped in on John and asked why the arrest had to be done publicly on television. “Maybe it could’ve been handled differently,” John shrugged. Evangeline accused Bo of doing things the way he did because it was personal to him. She suggested that perhaps John could have stopped it, but then apologized saying she just feels bad about losing the custody case with Antonio. As she left, John gave her the keys to his place and told her, “Just in case you change your mind about being alone,” while Natalie watched in the background. Once Vangie left, Natalie put her hand on John’s shoulder and sympathized with all he’s going through. Later, she hugged him as he stared wistfully out the window.

Marcie, Michael, Rex and Lindsay all went to the parking garage to take down the memorial to Jen. Riley stood unseen around the corner (OMG, he’s already drinking!) While the foursome put the memorial items into a cardboard box marked “Jen,” Riley returned to the ceremony site to finish his drink.

Later, after everyone went home and the police station was dark, Nora sat down in Bo’s office and finally, for the first time since Jen died, had a good cry.

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