New Year, New You: Jessica Serfaty

What’s your general approach to nutrition?“To stay away from anything that’s genetically modified. I eat things that are grown from the ground. I really try not to buy anything processed.”

What do you typically eat in a day?“Hot water and lemon is what I start my day with before anything. Thirty minutes later, you can move on to having coffee or food. For breakfast, I’m a big eggs and avocado toast gal. Other mornings, I’ll have a bowl of oatmeal with honey, blueberries and a big tablespoon of peanut butter. For lunch, I’ll have some sweet potatoes, lots of greens and some fish or chicken. For dinner, I eat a lot of the same things — sweet potatoes, rice, Brussels sprouts, broccolini, asparagus and fish. For snacks, Perfect Bar is my absolute favorite protein bar, and I take a lot of shots throughout the day — ginger shots, turmeric shots, probiotic shots.”

What would be your advice for someone looking to adopt healthier eating habits in 2023? “Don’t let yourself get so hungry to the point that you pull up to McDonald’s. Keep snacks around, like Honeycrisp apples with peanut butter; buy or make your own mixed nut bags and put berries in them.”

How many days a week do you work out?“ My goal is five days a week. I have a trainer, and I love doing Pilates and hot yoga; I like taking dance, boxing and spin classes. I’m in and out of the gym in an hour. It’s an easy goal.”

Is there any workout equipment you recommend investing in? “You can do almost anything with resistance bands. Ankle weights are also good. That’s all you need if you’re going to do something at your house.”

Are there any fitness apps or YouTube workouts you would recommend? “The YouTube video I have done for 10 years and I tell people to do is 8 Minute Abs. It’s from the ’80s. It’s the cheesiest, but it works. I also like Melissa Wood Health. She’s fantastic. She teaches these little workouts you can do in the kitchen, in the park, wherever. If you’re someone who loves really high energy, there’s Isaac Boots Torch’d Workout. It is an hour long and so fun.”

Jessica’s Top Three Tips

•“Set small goals that you can achieve. It drives you to go back and create another goal. And you’re one step closer to what it is you want to achieve in life.”

•“Use whatever it is that motivates. For me, it’s music; whether it’s heavy metal or Drake, music helps me in the gym so much. Then just show up and accept it. You don’t have to sit there, fake yourself out and go, ‘This is going to be great!’ You can be like, ‘This is going to suck, but I’m still doing it.’ ”

•“One tip for nutrition would be to remove all table salt from your diet and replace it with Celtic salt. It will change the way you feel, you sleep, everything. Where normal salt makes you retain water and gets blood pressure high, this natural salt does the opposite. It flushes your system and you don’t have to worry about swelling.”