Model Behavior

Credit: JPI

Bryan R. Dattilo’s son, Gabriel, knows how to walk the walk. And he proved it during New York’s famed Fashion Week.

The 17-year-old student, who is the son of Dattilo and his first wife, Jessica Denay, is following in his dad’s footsteps, having been chosen to model for PromGuy, a company that provides exceptional and affordable formal fashionwear for teens.

The PromGuy/PromGirl fashion show was hosted by AMERICAN IDOL’s Randy Jackson, and real-life teens were chosen to model alongside professional models.

Since he made his modeling debut, Gabriel, who stands 6 feet 2, has been inundated with offers from Hollywood agencies wanting to sign him. In fact, just three weeks after returning from New York, he was invited to model in yet another show during Orange County, CA’s Fashion Week for the clothing brand Xedo Tuxedos.

“I was really surprised that Gabe is being constantly sought after as a model because he’s never done anything like that,” says Bryan. “It would be like being asked to play in the Super Bowl when you’ve never played football before. I would have been scared at that age to do something I’d never done, but he was like, ‘Sure, I can do that.’ He is fearless. It taught me a good lesson: Once you get rid of fear, you can do anything.

“I was extremely proud,” adds Bryan. “At home we call him Shaggy — the long, lanky character from SCOOBY-DOO. And when I saw him walk the runway for the first time I was like, ‘Yep, that’s Shaggy!’ But his walk worked for him ’cause he blended in beautifully with the professional models.”

Bryan is happy to see that his son is keeping his new career in check. “I also love that he didn’t get a big head from the experience,” Bryan shares. “When he got home from New York, he wanted to know how I thought he did, and I told him he did an amazing job. His next question was, ‘What’s for dinner?’ and I thought as long as he can keep looking at life like that, he’s going to be fine.’”

“I know he’s a good-looking kid, but he’s got his certain way about him. I didn’t know if it would translate, and it actually is, so it’s amazing,” says the proud pop of Gabriel, here at the PromGuy/PromGirl fashion show.”

“He did a lingerie show for Lamborghini here,” notes Bryan. “Okay, I’m going to say that again. He did a lingerie show for Lamborghini; the two things I would die for in my life, he’s already achieved.”