Meet Y&R's Rory Gibson

Rory Gibson was not a stranger to Y&R when he was hired as Noah. “I auditioned for Y&R a couple of years ago for a really small part and it didn’t work out,” admits the actor. “I think it was because I had to sing and as soon as they heard me, they were probably like, ‘Yeah, this isn’t happening.’ Then there was Covid and auditions got slow but it started picking up like crazy. My agent sent me this [casting notice] and I thought, ‘Oh, cool, Y&R. It’s been a while since I went out for them.’ I sent in a [self-] tape, but they contacted me and said they weren’t crazy about it, because I played him more on the tense and greedy side. They said, ‘Noah is a good dude, but we’re still bringing you in for the callback.’ ”

Which went much better. “I changed it up this time and I guess they liked it because they brought me in to test with Joshua Morrow [Nick],” Gibson shares. “It was a really chill experience. Everyone was super-accommodating. I actually dropped one of my very first lines, and Josh took the rap for it. He said, ‘That was my fault, man, sorry.’ He totally saved me. Such a nice dude.”

It didn’t take long until Gibson found out that the gig was his. “I walked out of CBS and on my way to my car, I’m thinking, ‘That went well,’ ” he recounts. “I drove home, and after I walked in, my agent called. I answered, ‘Everything okay?’ and he said, ‘I got some news for you.’ I immediately knew what he was talking about but I’m still thinking, ‘There’s no way. It was like only 30 minutes since my audition,’ and he said, ‘It’s yours. You got it.’ I was in disbelief for three weeks.”

Then the waiting game began. “I didn’t start until three weeks later,” he chuckles. “It was nice to have more time on one hand, but on the other, it was hard because I couldn’t tell anyone and had to keep it a secret. When I quit my other job, everyone was asking, ‘Why are you quitting? Where are you going?’ and I had to answer, ‘I can’t tell you.’ ” His TV dad continued to be a big help. “Josh texted me shortly after I got cast, welcoming me to the show,” Gibson smiles. “It was really nice. It made it a lot easier when I came in on my first day because it’s a little bit daunting going on such a big show. I was a little nervous, so Josh definitely helped ease the blow and everything was chill after that. I’m loving it here.”