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Maurice Benard Addresses GH's Portrayal of Mental Health

Maurice Benard


On GENERAL HOSPITAL, Sonny has been living with bipolar for decades but now he is facing someone messing with his medication and it has gotten fans on social media talking — a lot! Now the actor who portrays the dimpled don is speaking out about his feelings regarding this newest story twist.

“As far as @GeneralHospital,” he begins on X (formerly Twitter), “There’s been a lot of talk about mental health lately people concerned for my health. I like it…talk brings awareness. GH has always done an impressive job with bipolar stories [but] it can’t be perfect. It’s TV not real life. LET’S NEVER STOP TALKING🎁”

The actor certainly loves to get people talking about mental health. It’s what motivated him to start his YouTube video podcast series, State Of Mind. Each week (usually on Sunday), he welcomes a new guest to talk about mental health challenges either they or someone they know and love, have been facing. Fans have come to count on the program, often seeing that others face the same challenges and it feels a little more manageable.

As for Sonny and life in Port Charles, he’s getting it from many angles. Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) is working with Brennan (Charles Measure) as the new head of Pikeman and has arranged for Sonny to get a lesser dose of his meds. Ava (Maura West) has been playing her own game, doing what she can to remove Sonny from his inner circle and dependent on her. Dex (Evan Hofer, see what the actor had to say about his character’s future here) is no longer protecting him and even applied for a job with the Port Charles Police Department. And now Anna (Finola Hughes), whom he thought was a close ally, has cooled their friendship since becoming the police commissioner. How will Sonny handle it all? Time will tell.