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Exclusive: GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Evan Hofer On What's Next For Dex

On GH, there have been some big changes in Dex’s life lately, both personally and professionally. Digest checked in with his portrayer, Evan Hofer, for his take on the upheaval and Dex’s next steps.

Eden McCoy-Evan Hofer


Arrested Development: In the wake of his breakup with Josslyn (Eden McCoy) and losing his job with Sonny, Dex (Evan Hofer) may find his life’s new purpose in joining the PCPD.

No sooner had Josslyn brought Dex back to town than she then broke things off after learning from Nina that he nearly killed Cyrus on Sonny’s orders. Was he blindsided by her decision? “I think it was still a question of if he could stay in Port Charles. He came back and was still packing to go. I still think he thought that things had to end…I almost think his leaving was almost a way of him avoiding her ever having to see him in this light. But I know he didn’t want it to end that way because he still has so much love and is still in love with Josslyn. So then I think he was blindsided in all of that coming out that way. You know, after Nina blows everything up.”

Did he regret not being more forthcoming with Josslyn about attempting to kill Cyrus or was he trying to protect her from that part of his life? “I think he was trying to protect her. The more people who know about it, the worse that it becomes. Especially since it didn’t happen. But then once it’s out there, he knew he couldn’t lie to her.”

Was there any part of him that was like, ‘You knew I was working for Sonny; did you not know that I might be required to do something like this?’ “I think there was certainly a part of him that thought, it’s kind of an obvious part of the job, right [laughs]? And she’s been part of Sonny’s world for so long. She knows this stuff goes on. I think it was, it was different for it to be him, to be Dex, to be the one to do. It is a much different proposition suddenly because there’s this soft, caring side with her that nobody else really gets to see. And then suddenly, he’s out here, about to kill an old man for Sonny. That side of him, she doesn’t see. Sonny sees that side, other people see that side, that’s kind of who he is in public, but Josslyn gets this much softer loving side. Nobody else gets that.”

After all that went down, Dex went to the PCPD to confess to attempted murder and essentially walked out of there with a potential job offer from Anna. Did that take him by surprise? “That happens to everybody, right? Just another Tuesday in Port Charles [laughs]. It was surprising, but Anna is such an intelligent character that I think she kind of sees a few steps ahead and finds ways that she can make Dex useful as well as keep him protected. And I just love working with Finola [Hughes, Anna] so much. She’s so incredible, as both a person and a performer. It’s so wonderful to get to work with her. So that’s been a joy.”

Many service people go into law enforcement after the military. Is that something Dex ever considered? “That’s a good question. I’ve never thought about that before. Part of me thinks because of his past, and the things he did while he was private military, he didn’t think he was deserving. I think Dex views his military experience and views law enforcement in such high regard, like these morally high people, and didn’t think he was deserving of that title. Didn’t think he could live up to it.”

Do you think he would make a good officer? “Heck, yeah! He’s fiercely loyal. He’ll do anything for the people he cares about. And I think with the proper guidance that, hopefully, Commissioner Devane can give him, if he can be steered in the right direction, I feel like there’s nothing he can’t accomplish. And he’ll put himself on the line for anybody that he cared about.”

Are you sad to not be working with Maurice Benard (Sonny) anymore? “Absolutely. When I read the script that I was not going to work for Sonny anymore, I actually cried in public just because I knew I wasn’t going to get to act with Mo as often. He’s been such a huge part of my life since I’ve been here. He’s been such an incredible mentor and friend to me, both in work and outside of work. And obviously, we’re still close. But just not getting to work with him all the time, I’m definitely gonna miss.”

Do you think there’s a part of Dex that is hopeful that perhaps if he does join the PCPD, Joss might change her mind about a future for them? “I don’t think he went into it with the idea of, ‘This will win her back.’ Right now, he probably doesn’t feel he deserves her. Not that he ever really did. He puts her on such a pedestal because she’s just such a special person to him, that he’s never experienced in his life before. I think he goes into it really just to prove to her… not even to get her back, but to prove to her that he can be the person that she thought he was.”