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Leann Hunley Back To DAYS

Credit: JPI

Leann Hunley (Anna) is heading back to Salem on January 5 and says she was thrilled to be asked to return. “They called in June and I went to work at the end of July and worked through the end of August,” reports the actress. “I had some meaty stuff to do. It was fun.” Hunley was pleasantly surprised to see that the story involved Anna reconnecting with first husband Roman. “It’s so funny because the last time I worked with Josh [Taylor, Roman] in scenes that I remember actually having dialogue with him, he was Chris Kositchek [the role he played from 1977-87]. When I was there before, Anna was married to Wayne Northrop’s Roman. But it was great. It was nice to work with Josh after all these years. Anna and Roman are characters who did have affection for each other, they were married and had a child, so it was very fun to revisit some of that.” For more from the actress, pick up the new issue of Digest, on sale now.