Kelly Thiebaud Weighs In On Her Personal Preferences

Favorite Shampoo: “Whatever makes my hair appear full.”

Favorite Jeans Brand: “Whatever fits my legs and butt.”

Favorite Phone App: “Shazam.”

Favorite Type Of Cuisine: “Italian.”

Favorite Sports Team: “Don’t have one.”

Favorite Breakfast Item: “Everything bagel from Tompkins Square Bagels in New York City, toasted with cream cheese.”

Favorite Coffee Drink: “Almond latte. Hot.”

Favorite Adult Beverage: “Spicy margarita.”

Favorite Sweet Treat: “Cookies!”

Favorite Healthy Snack: “Blueberries.”

Favorite Color: “Green.”

Favorite Magazine: “What’s a magazine?”

Favorite Book:The Kite Runner.”

Favorite Item In Your Wardrobe: “Vintage leather jacket.”

Favorite Room In Your Home: “My office.”

Favorite Sitcom: “SEINFELD.”

Favorite Movie:Braveheart.”

Favorite Drama Series: “THE LEFTOVERS.”

Favorite TV Host: “Kelly Ripa [ex-Hayley, ALL MY CHILDREN].”

Favorite Cartoon: “FAMILY GUY.”

Favorite Comic: “Dave Chappelle.”

Favorite Singer: “Too many to pick one!”

Favorite Kitchen Appliance: “Slow cooker.”

Favorite Place I’ve Ever Visited: “Paris.”