ICYMI: Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) Looks Back At Some Of Her Favorite B&B Moments

Favorite Daytime Emmy Moment? “The most exciting Emmy moment was when BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL won for Outstanding Daytime Drama [in 2009] after 22 years of being on the air. Kudos to Brad Bell [executive producer/head writer] for carrying on his father’s [William J. Bell, co-creator] legacy and making it his own. Since then, the show has won many Emmys in many different categories and is still going strong. Fingers crossed for next year.”

Favorite Storyline? “I loved the storyline when Stephanie found out that she was sick and decided she wanted to live life to the fullest with the time she had left. One of the things on her bucket list was to ride the roller coaster but during her excitement, her scarf blew away in the wind and where it took you from there was a beautiful journey that the characters went through, taking them through the homeless storyline that had brought about meaningful awareness and a beautifully written character arc. It was such a touching story.”

Favorite On-Screen Foe? “I have to say Stephanie. She [portrayer Susan Flannery] had the best slap ever — or should I say the hardest slap ever. She slapped me so hard once that I had to go to my chiropractor to have my neck put back into place but boy, did it look good and make the scene even more intense. In one of my scenes, I slapped her so hard and knocked her off-balance — I guess I couldn’t hold it back any longer after how many times she slapped me or choked me or flipped me over couches or smothered me [laughs] — and she said to everyone on the set and the producers that that would be the last time anyone slapped her, and it was.”

Most Memorable Scene? “It is so hard to choose … There are so many! The romantic scenes with Ridge, and lately the marital arguments, the love/hate relationship with her mother-in-law, the family bond of the Logan sisters … But continuing from the last answer, when Brooke finally found Stephanie living among the homeless people in downtown Los Angeles on Skid Row after searching for her for a week. It was such a heartwarming moment as they were walking away arm in arm heading back home, and then you see Stephanie’s scarf floating by them in the wind, high up in the sky. It was such a cinematic shot. I still see it in my mind so vividly!”

Favorite Character Trait Of Brooke’s? “Even though Brooke has made mistakes in her life — and sometimes repeatedly — she still has a kind heart and means well. She does what she believes is right and she does follow her heart.”

Favorite Line Of Dialogue And/Or Ad-Lib? “ ‘Friggin!’ When I get really mad or upset in a scene, I throw in the word ‘friggin’. Honestly, I never plan that; it just slips out when I get angry enough.”

Best Memories Of Past Co-Stars? “I learned a lot from Susan Flannery through the years. She was kind but tough. She always expected 110 percent from herself and everybody else, too. I was always in awe of how she took command of the scenes and her character. I was so lucky to work with her. I am happy to say that we still talk and visit each other. She is a dear friend. Darlene [Conley, ex-Sally] was such a professional, too, but she had a bigger-than-life attitude and style. When Darlene entered a room, you would know it. She was quite a character in life and in the show.”

Which Storyline Caught You Most Off-guard? “The storyline where Brooke took her passion a little too far. Brooke fell for her daughter Bridget’s husband [Deacon] and slept with him and got pregnant. Her daughter from that whole fiasco is Hope, who she loves more than anything, and will become a mama lion when it means protecting her. But it was a difficult storyline for the audience to watch, as well. I have to say Brooke learned her lessons from that the hard way and it will never happen again — but you can never say never in soaps [laughs].”

Favorite Thing About Working With Your Current Co-Stars? “I have to say, we have the best cast ever. Everyone is so serious about their work and their craft and getting the job done. Since we don’t have time to mess around, everyone comes in prepared, ready to go. We all work extremely well together and we all enjoy each other’s company.”