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GL Recaps Week of Sept. 26, 2005

Friday, September 30, 2005
GL today revolved entirely around baby Hope’s christening. Beforehand, Rick and Mel picked Michelle up for the christening. They tried to convince her to stay in town, but she was still too hurt over losing her baby. While Marina waited to hear from Jeffrey about the DNA results, Danny arrived and complimented her outfit. At the farmhouse, Jeffrey hugged Cassie. He tried to tell her about the baby, but then several guests arrived. At the fake farmhouse, Edmund found Dinah passed out on the floor, bleeding. He woke her up, and she told him she got hurt trying to escape. “Did you learn your lesson,” he asked her. She said she needed stitches, but he couldn’t stop to help her because he had to get to the baptism. After he left, she broke down, smashing his picture, and later collapsed helplessly on the couch.

At the church, Ross confessed to Blake that he was sad Dinah wasn’t present, after her selfless act of having the baby. Michelle watched Cassie with Hope, while Marina tried to comfort her. Sandy tentatively asked Cassie for her permission to marry Tammy. At first, Cassie was reluctant, as the couple was so young, but eventually she got emotional and hugged Sandy. Outside the church, Jeffrey read the results: Cassie was not the child’s mother, but he didn’t tell Marina the truth yet. Billy got a phone call from Josh, who couldn’t make it, so Cassie convinced a reluctant Jeffrey to be the replacement godfather. Tammy wondered to herself if Sandy was going to propose to her; she didn’t look quite happy about the notion. She asked him why he was talking to Cassie earlier, he claimed he was just wishing her mother well. Marina called Danny to tell him that he was amazing. Cassie welcomed her guests, making a special mention of Dinah not being there. After the ceremony, Sandy told Billy he was going to propose to Tammy. Michelle cooed over baby Hope. She told Cassie she had a 6 p.m. flight. Jeffrey wondered why Edmund had blood on his sleeve cuff. Ed claimed he cut himself shaving. Jeff had a vision of Cassie getting her baby taken away, and handed back to Michelle. People headed to the reception, while Michelle prayed about her baby, and Marina apologized to Edmund for snooping around.

At the farmhouse, Jeffrey finally started to tell Cassie the truth about the baby.

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