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GH’s William deVry On Contract Status


Credit: ABC

William deVry, who has played Julian Jerome on GH since 2013, has been off contract since July, and last taped at the end of June before the show took a three-week hiatus. He tells Digest that his contract negotiation relationship with the show and the network remains “amicable”, explaining, “We’re chatting. It’s all very slow. It’s like a slow boat to China, it seems like, which seems to be fine with them and it’s fine with me; I can stay busy and I’m enjoying myself. I’m up in Vancouver with Rebecca [Staab, ex-Elizabeth, PORT CHARLES, his partner], and there are a few things that I’ve got in the fire. One of them might hold me out until April of next year, if that were to happen, which would delay [GH’s] story a little bit. So I’m hoping that we can get a deal done before too much time passes. I just feel like it’s so close [to a positive resolution] that it can’t not happen, you know? I’m not going to play stupid games. I’m not going to go clean out my dressing room or anything like that [laughs]. I feel like I’m being reasonable and we’ll get it done.” As much attention as his contract status has been getting online, he shrugs, “I honestly don’t think it’s a big thing. It’s just life, it’s just business. It’s not personal; I don’t want to make it personal. I love my character, I love GENERAL HOSPITAL, I love everybody I work with, I love the fans. I’m comfortable in Los Angeles. So I hope we can make it work. I love my bosses, I love my bosses’ bosses — everybody is great. I don’t know what the problem is, to be honest with you, but it’s certainly not personal.” The support he’s received from fans, deVry says, “has been heartwarming. I just want to thank the fans for their support. There are some people in my corner that matter. I’m fairly comfortable saying that I think we’ll get a deal done. There have been some fan favorites who thought for sure they’d be back and weren’t, so I can’t say 100 percent. But I’m confident.”