GH’s Steve Burton (Jason) And Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) Launch New YouTube Show

Steve Burton (Jason) and Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) have launched a new YouTube Show, 7 QUESTIONS WITH STEVE & BRAD, on their Stone Cold and the Jackal channel. Explains Anderson, “We are always looking for ways to connect with the fans. We have so much fun with the podcast [That’s Awesome with Steve and Bradford], we have so much fun on Facebook, and Steve has always had great ideas for videos. We just like to be silly and we like to have fun, and we were looking for a way to have more fun with video and so we came up with this idea to have fans interact with us. We’re bringing in as many of our cast mates as possible. And then we just make it fun with visuals and sounds. It’s just about having fun, especially in this challenging time.” Picks up Burton, “We’ve never really been on YouTube, so we were like, ‘Okay, let’s just create as much content during these next whatever 30, 60 days that we’re locked down for [self-quarantining due to the Coronavirus] and do as much as we can.’ And we did it. We’ve got two things every week now on YouTube: 7 QUESTIONS WITH STEVE & BRAD and then we have More Awesome, our podcast. We have usually a 15-minute More segment on YouTube that’s a video also.” Notes Anderson, “We know a lot of people are at home looking for things to do and we’re in the same boat, so we figured we’d all connect!”

The actors are having fun getting creative on YouTube. The new series “is kind of branded ‘80s/’90s-ish,” Burton describes. “The format is just really whatever questions we ask each other and then whatever comes out of that and then I edit it together with some images and sound effects and we’re on our way! That’s pretty much it, just pretty simple, pretty fun. We needed this! We need some fun and laughing, and what really what makes me and Bradford happy is to see people respond that way to it and go, ‘Oh, man. This is so funny. I needed this today.’ That’s why we really wanted to do it. We’re a couple of silly guys. Unfortunately, that’s our image now. I used to be cool,” he teases.

While they grow their YouTube presence, they’ll continue to release their podcasts every Wednesday — indeed, expect an A-list GH star to be this week’s special guest.

To check out the first episode of 7 QUESTIONS WITH STEVE & BRAD, click here.

Steve and Bradford