GH's Laura Wright On Sonny/Carly Split

The outlook didn’t look good for five-times-married supercouple Sonny and Carly after she caught him in bed with Nina, and this week, Carly meets with an attorney to set their divorce in motion.

According to Laura Wright, Sonny’s infidelity cuts particularly deep given the identity of the other woman. “Carly feels so betrayed,” she sighs. “It burns because it’s Nina. She’s an enemy. This woman purposely kept Sonny from her, purposely lied and never told Sonny who she was, so everything that happened while Sonny was gone would never have happened — not just the Jason situation [the re-emergence of Jason and Carly’s romantic feelings] but the danger that her family was in, mourning a man that wasn’t even dead, everything! Nina did this, and not just for five minutes to piss Carly off, but for over nine months — and was going to continue if she didn’t get caught!”

The actress thinks Carly might have been able to get past the “Mike”/Nina connection if Sonny had been transparent with her about it. “The problem is that it was always like, ‘Oh, I just want to keep the peace, let’s just let it go.’ But he was doing all that because he wouldn’t tell her the truth! He was lying to her! Which only means that he wanted to perpetuate the situation. But we don’t know what would have happened if he’d told the truth, because he didn’t! What they’re dealing with is that he lied to her so that he could continue to have his cake and eat it, too, in Carly’s mind. And it is true — you can watch it! I watch the show, too [laughs]! Why are you going into Charlie’s all the time when you know Phyllis is also friends with Nina, and you know there’s a high chance that you’re going to bump into Nina at Charlie’s? I mean, come on! She has been lied to since the day he came back and all of his reasons are bull,” Wright declares. “If there is anyone that can handle Jason dying and all that stuff, it’s Carly. Lay it on her! He didn’t tell her because he was afraid to, because then that would mean he would really have to stay away from Nina.”

Wright notes that Carly is sympathetic to Sonny’s struggle to synthesize his months-long stint as “Mike” with his Port Charles reality — to a point. “She gets it. She loves him as a human. But she’s like, ‘I can’t help you through that. I can’t be the person who helps you through your conflict about another woman, who crushed our family. All this pain that we had for nine months is because of her.’ Carly’s thing is, ‘It’s not my job to help you feel better, Sonny.’ She can understand it, but she says, ‘That doesn’t mean I can live with you and watch you go through it right now.’ Carly is allowed to have her feelings in all of this as well; Carly is allowed to have a reaction to what’s happened. She doesn’t have to be like, ‘Okay!’ and take Sonny back as if nothing happened.”

Especially now that he crossed the line with Nina. “Carly cannot believe that Sonny is still connected to this woman who truly destroyed their family,” Wright says. “What happened to the Sonny that would be like, ‘You’re dead to me and I’m going to crush you?’ That’s the partner that Carly was used to having. He’s not fighting for his family the way he would have in the past. So the fact that that’s not Sonny anymore…. It’s devastating to her. Her heart is broken.”