GH's Kirsten Storms Recovering From Brain Surgery

Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GH) is on the mend and out of the hospital after undergoing brain surgery. In an Instagram story, she revealed, “I’ve not really spoken about this much, or at all, actually; less than 48 hours ago, I had brain surgery, hence the neck brace. It was on the lower portion of my brain. Emme [Rylan, ex-Lulu] is taking care of me until I get to my at-home nurse. It has been an interesting last couple of days.” Storms went on to explain, “What they had to drain and remove was not cancer; I want to clarify that right now before the Internet, like, goes crazy wild with rumors about this. I had a very large cyst that had split into two and the doctor said it was, like, so full, the pressure was very noticeable when they opened up my skull.” She assured fans, “I will be on the mend for the next several weeks. I will be back at work when this is over with.”