GH's Herbst: I'm Not Fired

Rebecca herbst new jpi

In the wake of Scott Reeves's ouster as Steve on GH, his on-screen sister, Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth), was the subject of online rumors hinting that she had been dismissed, too. The actress, who was notoriously released from her contract in 2011, then rehired amid fan outcry, denied the rumblings on Twitter, saying, "Thank you so much for all your concern and support, but I have not quit GH, nor have I been let go. :)" The actress also commented on Reeves's firing: "I'm trying to sleep, & yet, I have a heavy heart. My friend, @reevesforreal, who means so much to me, was let go … I’m wide awake thinking about all the endless possibilities he has to look forward to. He has more musical talent in his little finger… I was so lucky 2 play his 'sis' but even more blessed 2 have him in my live. Luv you, @reevesforreal ..Now who's gonna bring me #Starbucks."