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GH Recaps Week of Sept. 26, 2005

Friday, September 30, 2005
Courtney’s still nauseous. Uh-oh! Nikolas confessed that he got home late last night because he was with Emily. He stated that they just wanted to end things on a positive note and stay friends. Court appeared sympathetic, but decided not to voice her suspicions that she could be with child.

At the hospital, Lucky made plans for the evening with Elizabeth, who was already back to work after the miscarriage. When he left, Jax showed up and told Liz he wanted to stay friends. Together, they bemoaned that they were finding it difficult to get back to normal after the loss of their baby. Jax insisted on picking up Liz’s medical bills, and on his way out, he bumped into Courtney, who was carrying a suspicious bag. Hmmm. After a civil, sympathetic exchange, the former marrieds parted ways.

At Casa Corinthos, Emily checked in on Carly, but in her frenetic state, she saw Em as Faith. Dr. Winters tried to persuade Ric to take action and have Carly committed, but he remained hesitant without Sonny’s okay. (Sonny was away on “business.”) As Emily descended the staircase, Carly appeared behind her with a baseball bat. Ric, Reese, Justus and Lainey were able to jump in and save Em, but the Michael and Morgan were ordered off the premises. Upstairs, Lainey sedated Carly, but the visions of Faith continued. Despite Justus’s objections, Ric refused to have Carly moved, believing it was what Sonny would want. Now back in town, Alexis showed up at the gate to see Ric, and begged him to leave Sonny’s violent world behind, but he refused. Alexis heard about the bombing at his apartment and realized he was doing some dirty dealings. All Ric would cop to was that he was in too deep. In the house, Carly refused another sedative, pushing Reese near the syringe. Shortly thereafter, Reese stumbled down the stairs and collapsed. Carly ran out, passing Ric and Alexis at the gate, and sprinted off. Back inside, Reese was recovering when Ric discovered that Lainey called Durant and alerted him to pick up Carly. Ric was furious, and had Max take Alexis home.

Jason regaled Sam about his aborted trip to Sonny’s and reiterated he’s cutting those ties. They kissed. Jason headed off to work, and ran into Courtney on the docks. J had a flashback of Court, recalling that in the past, he had made her cry. When he asked her to jog his memory, Court filled J in about their short-lived marriage and her miscarriage. Jason was saddened that he made Courtney cry yet again.

Just after Lucky called Liz and had to cancel their dinner plans due to work, Jax called and asked if they could get together. At Wyndemere, Lucky showed up unannounced, causing Courtney to drop her home pregnancy test. However, Lucky didn’t catch sight of the goods, and stated that he was patrolling the docks and dropped by to share the good news that Liz could still conceive. He took off, and Court breathed a sigh of relief. Liz met Jax in the woods, where he was planting a tree in memory of their lost child. There, they said their goodbyes to the baby. Back at Wyndemere, Courtney looked shocked by the results of the pregnancy test.

In the park, Emily and Michael ran into Nikolas, where Mikey mouthed off to the Cassadine prince for hurting Em. She corrected his behavior and bribed him with cookies at Kelly’s. After the exchange, Nik commented on how great she is with kids. She countered by saying that she may consider pediatrics in her med school studies. Nik told her she was amazing, and they agreed to be kind to each other. Then, he strolled away. Afterward, on the lam Carly cut through the park and found Emily, or in her eyes, Faith. Carly picked up a scythe from a wheelbarrow full of gardening tools and headed toward Emily.

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