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GH Recaps Week of May 23, 2005

Friday, May 27, 2005
While Georgie was arguing with her, Maxie collapsed. She was rushed to the hospital accompanied by a guilt-ridden Georgie, Felicia and Mac (who blamed Dillon). After checking the patient, Monica announced that Maxie was stable, but not out of the woods and that if her condition deteriorated, she’d need a new heart.

Rachel deliberately bumped into Jax and expressed surprise that the wedding was still on. Jax demanded to know what she was implying and she claimed that Court was downstairs with Jason. Meanwhile, a scheming Carly phoned Jason and begged him to meet her at the hotel (and OMG, she actually stamped her little feet until he reluctantly complied. What is she 5?) Jax took the bait. In the meantime, Carly got Courtney out of the room for a spa treatment and staged a seduction scene with rose petals and lingerie. Jason walked in and asked what Carly was doing. She made up an excuse that she had planned to seduce Sonny so that Reese would go away. When Jax approached the door, she made loud moaning noises. Whimsical music played as Courtney came padding back to her room in her robe and greeted Jason. All of a sudden Jason was back with Sam, a dressed Courtney was in with Carly who lied that she saw Jax kissing Rachel. Jax, meanwhile, found Rachel back in the restaurant and said she was right about Courtney. Just then, Courtney rushed up as Jax and Rachel leaned into a kiss and Court lunged at him with a utensil. Carly ran behind her friend and yelled at her to stop and admitted to her set-up. Courtney and Jax revealed they were on to her and Courtney chewed out her meddling friend.

Durant informed Rick that he’s no longer DA, that job now belongs to Durant. Alexis came along and asked her husband to come home, but he declined. She requested that he be a part of their baby’s life and he promised her that he would. She said she’d start the divorce proceedings.

Reese visited Sonny who made it clear he wanted another chance with her. She later told Ric she feared that their one-night stand would ruin her chances with Sonny. …. To compensate unemployed Ric, Sonny offered him a stack of bills, which Ric refused…. Tracy caught Luke and Skye kissing and gleefully noted that she’d see him in divorce court…. Sam learned that she must wait a year to have a baby or else she’d put herself and the child at Risk.

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