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General Hospital Spoilers Video: Strategies and Anger Unleashed

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Here’s The Plan

Friday, July 5 on General Hospital, spoilers tease that Maxie and Brook Lynn strategize after the disaster with Natalia, Blaze and The Invader. They need to figure out a way to minimize the damage while protecting their company. They probably are hoping this will cause Blaze to take back some of the control her mother has been exerting over her career. “Can’t take that back, even if she wanted to,” says Maxie. Is the “she” Natalia? Because Maxie is right about that.

Drew and Jordan spend some time together strategizing as well — but while enjoying some outdoor time at the Metro Court Pool. “This could be a unique opportunity for the both of you,” suggests Jordan. But who is the “both” — could it be Nina? Because teasers also say that Nina updates Drew.

New Beginnings

The time has finally come for Trina and Josslyn to move into their new home. As promised, Dex is around to help out Josslyn and talk must turn to any number of subjects that are weighing Carly’s daughter down. Joss tells Dex, “It couldn’t be further from the truth.” What could she mean?

Drew and Jordan aren’t the only ones hanging out by the pool. Curtis is there too. Is he there with his ex-wife and best friend to help with the planning for Drew’s big announcement that he’s running for Congress? “I’ll do everything in my power to make it happen,” promises Curtis.

Elsewhere, Kristina unleashes her anger. It looks like the recipient is most deserving — Natalia. After all, that recording didn’t just embarrass and humiliate Natalia’s daughter. It has people calling for Kristina to step away from the center she helped create. And she didn’t appreciate Natlia’s referring to them as “unserious” and “flighty.” Kristina yells at the woman, “I have never been more serious about anything in my entire life.”

Meanwhile, Dante tries to talk Sonny down, knowing how angry he is at this latest stunt pulled by his daughter’s mother. “You go after Ava, you lose Avery,” warns Dante. The bigger question — will Sonny listen? See it all for yourself in the video below and if you missed it, check out the weekly GH promo here.

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