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General Hospital Spoilers Video: Sneaky Moves and Big Worries

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Looking For Answers

On  Tuesday, June 11 on General Hospital, spoilers tease that Anna visits Brennan, but it if she wanted that to be on the down low, she certainly missed the mark. The FBI, or at least one very special agent, gets wind of what she’s up to and interrupts their meeting. “What do the two of you possibly have to discuss,” cracks John. But will he get any answers from either former WSB agent?

Elsewhere, Sam continues her quest to help Jason and look for her to pull a fast one. If she does, you can bet Spinelli is in on it, as she will be seeing him today. “Our window of opportunity is about to open up,” Sam tells Spinelli. Will they take advantage of it and get some answers?

Explanations Needed

Elizabeth thanks Jake for calling his father and asking him to go to his mom and help her. Jason did as asked and the two exes shared a lovely conversation poolside. But now Elizabeth realizes she has a big question for her teenage son. “You never did say how you saw Finn coming out of a bar,” Elizabeth says. Will he confess how he knew?

Teasers also say that Chase and Brook Lynn are dismayed. They are both on a mission to help Finn, and BLQ confides what’s going on to her mom. “We will do everything to keep Violet safe,” Brook Lynn tells Lois. The older woman can tell how much this means to her daughter but she may have some thoughts of her own on how she should go about it.

In the meantime, Chase checks on his brother. He doesn’t hold back his take on the worsening situation. “You have a bigger problem than I thought,” Chase says to Finn. Will Finn stay in denial or will his younger brother confronting him cause him to see the light? See it all for yourself in the preview video below and also check out the GH weekly promo here.

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