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General Hospital Spoilers Video Preview: Secrets And Surprises

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The Awful Truth Comes Out

The action in this week’s General Hospital spoilers preview opens up with a defeated Finn looking like he’s had several too many while downing another. It’s up to Chase to gather the troops to help his older brother when he reports that “Finn is drinking on purpose and he doesn’t want us to know about it.” We see the surprise on both Tracy’s and later Alexis’s faces as they are told about the man they both consider a good friend. Tracy is someone he looks up to and respects while Alexis is in the program too. Can they help Finn get back on the wagon, or is he already way past their ability to help him?

Molly has her own confession to make to TJ. “I’ve been keeping something from you about Kristina.” TJ doesn’t seem pleased but he probably suspected something was up — he has been a part of their lives for a long time, after all. Meanwhile, things worsen for Kristina as Sonny drops by. Blaze opens the door to the man and turns to see what her girlfriend thinks about her father’s latest bold move to get back into her good graces. “Hi,” he says simply. Will he be welcomed inside?

Big Shockers

Elsewhere, we see Alexis drop some kind of bomb on Diane that makes Killer Miller gasp. Has Alexis gotten word back already on whether or not she can practice law again or is there something else that takes the women by surprise?

Next up is a visit for Heather at Pentonville Penitentiary. She’s brought over to see who it is who has come to visit her but she’s confused. “I don’t know this guy,” she tells the guard plainly. “But I know you,” says the unseen man. What is going and what does this man want? See it all for yourself in the preview of this week below.

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