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General Hospital Spoilers Video Promo: A Confession & Fireworks

general hospital spoilers collage of willow, drew, sasha, anna, cody, mac, maxie.


A Secret Revealed

The action in this General Hospital spoilers preview for the week of July 8 opens with fireworks and a confession. Cody has been keeping his paternity a secret for a very long time now, but it looks like that’s about to come to an explosive end. “I’ve been lying,” we hear Cody say as Mac turns around, “to all of you for a while now.” It turns out he is talking to Maxie, but will he tell the person who deserves to hear his truth the most?

Next, we see Anna peer from around a corner as we hear her say, “I’m on my way to Valentin’s now.” She looks around his house, specifically the bookshelf where she found her key piece of evidence the last time she was over — the night she ended up staying over in his bed. “I’m going to walk out with the satellite phone,” she promises. Will she be able to do it and get away cleanly without getting caught by her lover?

A Torrid Triangle?

Confetti is being dropped on Drew Quartermaine as he makes his announcement about running for Congress. It’s an exciting time that may lead to disaster. What happens next is a shock to Drew as he looks ready to kiss Willow. There has always been some chemistry there as Willow’s admiration for the man she feels saved her life has only grown while they’ve been working together. Will the two give in to passion? Something must happen because the sight Sasha sees stops her in her tracks. It’s a secret that will tie Nina’s fake daughter, her biological daughter and Nina all together with one man at the center of it all. See it all for yourself in the preview video below and for more of what’s coming up this week, be sure to click here.

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