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General Hospital Spoilers Video Preview: Will The Wedding Be A Hit?

five shots from the general hospital preview video of chase and brook lynn's wedding.


It’s going to be an exciting week on General Hospital as Chase and Brook Lynn walk down the aisle to become man and wife. While Digest shared a preview of the action in an interview with Amanda Setton, giving the bride’s point of view, the show has released a video preview and there is going to be some shocking drama mixed in with the romance.

The video begins with BLQ in front of the mirror as we hear her say, “Let’s get this wedding started.” The next shot is of Chase and Finn, all smiles, as are the parents of the bride — Lois and Ned. It appears that everyone is excited and the joy is all around them. But it soon becomes obvious that danger lurks.

“Everything’s got to go off without a hitch,” is heard from Olivia over shots of the Chase men back at Finn’s apartment, looking handsome in their tuxes but then we see Spinelli on the phone and the look of surprise is on his face. The next shot shows Finn smelling what looks like champagne — and the shock on his face matches Anna’s voiceover saying, “We’ve got trouble,” while another female voice says, “Oh my God.”

Next, we hear Sonny’s voice saying, “Know what I do to traitors?” as we see him eyeing Dex, who is talking with Brook Lynn’s cousin, Giovanni. The next voiceovers are chilling, showing that drama may have spilled over into violence — as we hear, “He lost a lot of blood — let’s get him to trauma one,” over quick successive images of Finn, Maxie, and a look of horror on Chase’s face as he turns to look at Brook Lynn. Will the happy couple make it down the aisle? Could the honeymoon for BLQ and Chase be over before it even starts? See it all for yourself in the spoilers video below.

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