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General Hospital Spoilers Video Preview: 'What Happens Next Is On Him'

general hospital spoilers sonny angry at dex and jason, also spinelli talking to sam.


Sonny has become incredibly unpredictable which has many in town looking over their shoulder and this week on General Hospital, his “enemies” or rather those he sees as traitors, wonder if he will be coming after them. Specifically on edge are Jason and Dex — after all, Sonny threatened to kill them both when all hell broke loose at Chase and Brook Lynn’s wedding. While that’s happening, Sam is making a bold move to protect Jason. Tensions are boiling up and spilling over in Port Charles.

Sonny’s Enemies Are On Notice

Anna is trying to be proactive about it. She goes to Jason, who has become a tremendous asset for her, and asks him, “Do you think Sonny would try to have you and Dex killed?” As she puts this tough question to him, the preview shows Sonny approaching an unsuspecting and still injured Dex in the park while he’s reading. Will Dex do more to protect himself this time if Sonny decides to get physical again?

“Hacking into the FBI is a federal crime,” begins Spinelli as he tries to talk sense into Sam. “Are you willing to chance losing your freedom,” he asks as they stand in front of the multitudes of electronic surveillance equipment that Spinelli just so happens to have handy in his office.

Danger Lurks For Jason

The action then switches to Carly and Sonny as he tells her, “I gave him the chance to walk away; what happens next is on him.” Carly looks very worried as we see Jason at the warehouse working but someone else is lurking there, watching him. The guy seems to adjust his position and Jason is on alert, sensing something is wrong. But will Jason realize what’s happening in time? See it all for yourself in the video preview of the week’s action below.

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