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General Hospital Spoilers Video Preview: Facing the Inevitable

general hospital spoilers video finn, sonny, kristina, alexis, fergus.


Sonny is forced to do damage control this week on General Hospital, as Alexis gets the opportunity to face her accuser, and her good buddy Finn faces his demons once again after that accidental slip-up at his brother’s wedding. Get ready for a dramatic week in Port Charles.

“All rise,” because court is in session. Alexis is fighting for her future as a lawyer. “I have a right to face my accuser,” she says as we see who he is — Fergus Byrne, the brother of the man who died in Alexis’s bed. Yes, he was murdered by Harmony Miller but she’s dead and Alexis is right there. Will she prevail and get back to doing what she does best or will he find a way to stop her?

Meanwhile, all hell has broken loose at Chase and Brook Lynn’s wedding in the form of Sonny’s fist in Dex’s face. Kristina saw and heard her father’s murderous threats and the pregnant young woman has been shaken to her core. Will Sonny be able to fix things with the daughter who worshipped him? “Just let me explain,” asks an unstable Sonny as Kristina looks at him, devastated. Will this horrifying scene and its stressful ramifications put the unborn baby in jeopardy?

Elsewhere, Finn is plagued by what happened at the wedding when he ended up sipping alcohol. To make matters worse, it looks like he is in possession of a gift from a clueless Gloria and Carmine — a bottle of bourbon. The last thing Finn wants to do is mess up his life but sometimes temptation is too much. It looks like he pours a glass but will the stress of everything, especially his father’s battle with ALS, cause him to willingly take that next drink and therefore blow up life as he knows it? See it all for yourself in the spoilers video below.

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