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General Hospital Spoilers Video: It's All About The Children

general hospital spoilers collage of sonny, alexis, ava, john, laura, cody, mac, maxie, felicia.


The Wrong Move?

For Thursday, July 11 on General Hospital, spoilers tease that Kristina is eager to help Blaze. After all, it’s not every day your mother is recorded speaking hate about the way you want to live your life. Luckily her girlfriend wants to show her how much she loves her. Also teased is that Portia reveals her plan to Jordan. Portia wants to do everything she can to protect Trina and that means Heather must stay in prison. The deputy mayor can’t be supporting her boss’s desire to see Heather’s case revisited, right? But will Jordan confide that in her ex-husband’s wife?

Speaking of the mayor and her crusade for “justice,” the video below shows that Laura pays a visit to Pentonville to speak to the woman at the center of the storm. Yet, Laura’s visit will not go as she expects. In fact, Heather’s request surprises Laura. The inmate tells her, “I don’t want it to be put to the test.” She did already tell Curtis she didn’t want Laura pursuing this. Will Laura give up and move on?

Father Knows Best?

It’s a bouncing baby boy. OK, he’s not really a baby but regardless, Mac is a father now and he’s rejected his newly discovered son. Maxie and Felicia are on a mission to reunite the pair and they take a “divide and conquer” approach. Maxie gets Mac and she wastes no time in trying to find out what is going on with the man who raised her. “Why are you taking such a hard line with Cody,” asks Maxie.

At the Quartermaine stables, Felicia pays a visit to Cody. She knows he is just as stubborn as his father and she tries to call him on his own hard line of saying he’s willing to walk away to spare Mac any pain. “You don’t want any part of the Scorpio-Jones family,” she says. What will Cody do next?

Sonny and Ava have a blow-up. The battle for Avery is getting ugly and this time John “Jagger” Cates is there to witness it. After Sonny leaves, the two get talking. John may be smart enough to not trust Ava but he hates Sonny and doesn’t want to see the man do anything to harm another woman. “I think I know how to discourage Sonny from returning,” Ava tells John.

Meanwhile, Sonny quickly pays Alexis a visit. Much like his conversation with Carly went, Sonny has one thing on his agenda for the mother of yet another one of his children. “All I need to know, will you support me?” he asks. Considering Alexis’s recent dealings with her former sister-in-law, she seems like a safe bet. See what’s coming up for yourself in the video below and if you missed it, check out the weekly GH promo here.

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