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General Hospital Spoilers Video: Confrontations and Scandal

general hospital spoilers collage of mac, cody, maxie, trina, joss, willow, laura, portia, curtis.


Time To Celebrate

Tuesday, July 9 on General Hospital, spoilers tease that Lois shares a secret with Olivia while Joss and Trina are enjoying themselves at the 4th of July gathering. “I will cheers to that,” suggests Joss, as she and Trina clink bottles. But GH teasers also say that Trina is suspicious. Is she feeling that way about a situation… or a person?

Gio is also around and something that happens surprises the young violinist. “I never would have guessed,” he says. Is he being serious or is he trying to lighten the mood with someone in a teasing fashion?

Clash of the Titans

Inside the Quartermaine mansion, Laura and Portia continue to clash. “My goal is to see that justice is served,” is how Laura is spinning her seeming support to possibly free the woman who targeted Portia’s daughter (and Laura’s own grandson, Spencer!) with death for daring to cross her daughter Esme.

Also, Curtis defends himself to Portia. Could it be that his friendship with Laura is going to be a wedge between him and his wife? She is not happy at the thought of Heather going free simply because her replacement hip was poisoning her. But that’s not all that’s on Curtis’s plate. He’s also playing referee between Michael and Nina. “I feel like I’m getting a second chance to make things right,” says Nina. But will Michael go along with that?

Michael may soon have bigger fish to fry. Sasha witnesses something scandalous — Willow and Drew kissing. She probably will go unseen because Willow isn’t defending herself or her actions. Instead, she’s saying to Drew, “I’m starting to wonder if it was completely random.” What? That extramarital kiss she just indulged in with the guy running for Congress?

It looks like the fireworks aren’t over yet. Mac runs into Cody. “I’m sorry, what did you say,” Mac asks a guilty-looking Cody. Did he just spill his secret? Also, get ready as Maxie finds a new mission. “Why did you lie,” she asks someone, most likely Cody. See what’s coming up for yourself in the video below and if you missed it, check out the weekly GH promo here.

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