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GENERAL HOSPITAL Promo: Pointed Questions and A Beatdown

Steve Burton, Maurice Benard


This week on GENERAL HOSPITAL, Michael and Willow are celebrating a milestone. “Happy anniversary,” he says as Willow flashes him that radiant smile of hers. They are out having a special meal together and look amazing. Their happiness doesn’t go unnoticed — both Carly and Nina crane their necks to get a look at their happy kids.

“I’ll always help you. What’s the case,” asks Valentin, out with Anna. The two exes haven’t had much to say to each other since their breakup but it looks like Anna has turned to him for help. “Pikeman,” she says, eyeing him closely. He tries not to react. Has Anna found out that Valentin is now the acting head of the group since Brennan is behind bars?

Next, Sonny is screaming. “I’m not a child,” he yells at Jason, who is trying to calm him down. Of course, Jason realizes something is up with the mob boss. He isn’t behaving the way he always knew him to be (read what Steve Burton has to say about his Jason comeback here). It causes Jason to ask the big question. “Are you taking your meds?” The look on Sonny’s face is pure shock. Will this be what he needed to hear to put the pieces together? Even if he does, will he realize it’s Valentin who is behind it? Or will he assume it’s someone closer to home…someone who has a history of tampering with meds?

In an alley, two men are throwing punches at a third — John “Jagger” Cates. A female can be heard screaming, “Hey!” It’s Carly and she finds a bloody and battered John. See it all for yourself below.


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