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French Twists: Young And Restless Tales That Took Place In France

The mystery of what happened on Tucker and Ashley’s honeymoon in Paris and Traci’s blossoming romance with Alan in the City of Lights has made France the backdrop for a lot of storyline action for Young and Restless faves. Soap Opera Digest takes a look back at six other storylines that made a French connection.


When Victor’s (Eric Braeden, below) pregnant bride, Sabrina, died in August 2008 from injuries sustained in an horrific car accident, he was so devastated that right after her funeral, he disappeared. After the French chalet that Victor had gifted his wife for a wedding present burned to the ground, evidence suggested that a distraught Victor had torched the place. When Victor didn’t resurface, his worried ex-wife Nikki called another of Victor’s former spouses, Ashley (Eileen Davidson, below), in London and begged her to track down the man they both loved. It took some sleuthing, but Ash located Victor at the statue of St. Raymond. The former marrieds made love in France before coming back to Genoa City. Although she was far from thrilled that her plan prompted Victor and Ashley’s reunion, Nikki was grateful that he was safely home.

eileen davidson, eric braeden, the young and the restless

While his dad (Victor) was missing in France, Nick (Joshua Morrow, below) received a call from a priest there who expressed concern that Victor was hiding out in a monastery. Nick flew over to Paris and while his search for Victor was fruitless, he did run into ex-wife Sharon (Sharon Case, below) in the City of Lights. Nick learned she had come there to meet up with their son, Noah, who was on a school trip. Nick ended up playing tour guide as he and Sharon spent a lovely day sightseeing — and reconnecting. Unbeknownst to them, his current wife, Phyllis, had arrived in Paris for Restless Style business and planned to surprise Nick. However, Phyllis was the one who was gobsmacked when she witnessed her husband and Sharon sharing a romantic kiss on a bridge.


sharon case, joshua morrow, the young and the restless

Noah’s (Kevin Schmidt, below) high school French class traveled to Paris for an educational trip in 2008 and Noah was pleased that his crush, Eden (Erin Sanders, below), was also in attendance. While Noah was enjoying the excursion, Eden was bored and wanted to ditch their class in favor of finding their own adventure. The teens visited the Père Lachaise Cemetery where Jim Morrison was buried, but at some point, they were picked up by the French police. Since Sharon was in Paris, she was contacted by the police and Noah and Eden were released into her custody. When they all returned to Genoa City, Noah was grounded and forbidden to hang out with Eden.

erin sanders, kevin schmidt, the young and the restless

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After their first marriage bombed, Cane (Daniel Goddard, below) and Lily (Christel Khalil, below) decided to remarry on Valentine’s Day in 2012 in a small ceremony that included a short list of family and friends. When Katherine found out about the nuptials, she transported the pair and their guests via her private jet to Provence, France so the wedding could take place at a villa belonging to one of her friends. The festivities were held outdoors on the pastoral estate with Abby serving as Lily’s maid of honor and Devon standing up as Cane’s best man. Neil walked his daughter down the aisle and the couple exchanged simple but heartfelt vows. Cane even declared Jill the mother of the groom, while his estranged biological mom, Genevieve, watched from afar.



Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson, below l.) and Billy’s daughter, Delia died from a hit-and-run accident in 2013, while at the same time, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan, below r.), and Adam’s baby son, Connor, was losing his eyesight and needed an immediate cornea transplant or else he would go permanently blind. Chloe and Billy magnanimously donated their dead daughter’s corneas and Connor’s vision was restored. However, Chloe became so attached to Connor that it bordered on obsession. When Adam was presumed killed in a fiery car crash, he was exposed as the unidentified driver who struck Delia. An unhinged Chloe abducted Connor in 2014 and flew to Paris to start a new life. Victor, Chelsea and Kevin followed her and she reluctantly relinquished Connor back to his mother. Chloe was arrested for kidnapping but Michael was able to get her out-patient psychological treatment instead of jail time.

elizabeth hendrickson, eric braeden, melissa claire egan, the young and the restless

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In 2017, Devon (Bryton James, below l.), suggested to his dad and business partner Neil (Kristoff St. John, below) that their company, Hamilton-Winters, purchase Mergeron Enterprises, which had recently gone up for sale. Neil offered his son a history lesson about Mergeron, explaining that its owner was John Abbott’s former wife, Dina (Marla Adams, below). Dina had abandoned John and their young children Jack, Ashley and Traci for a more exciting life. She eventually married mega-rich Frenchman Marcel Mergeron and had been running his company since his death. Neil was hesitant to risk causing bad blood with the Abbotts by dealing with their estranged mother, but he and Devon flew to Paris anyway and made their pitch to Dina as to why she should sell Mergeron Enterprises to them. Dina didn’t seem that enthused about Hamilton-Winters until Devon mentioned that his grandmother was the late Katherine Chancellor. Since Kay and Dina had been long-time best friends, Dina decided to sell her company to Neil and Devon, which transformed their start-up into a major player in the global corporate world.

marla adams, bryton james, kristoff st john, the young and the restless